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How To Make Your Blowdry Last

Hairstyling set. Hand-drawn tools. Real watercolor drawing. Vector illustration. Traced paintingBlowdry bars have been around for years in metro areas like NYC and LA, and now they are popping up everywhere. I don’t do it often, but I love the idea of it…for $35-$45, you can get perfectly straight shiny locks, beachy waves or curls.  You can also save a few dollars at most places if you wash your hair before arriving (or some suggest keeping it dirty, as that will help hold in curls, up do’s, etc). I’ve been known to get blowouts for special events, and many of my girlfriends (especially those with curly hair) go nearly weekly and make it last.

My favorite local blowdry bar is AIRBAR.  They exclusively do shampoos and blowouts — no cuts or color — and they do an awesome job.  I love the friendly vibe and chic decor, with blowdryers suspended from the ceiling, and the mirrors turn into art when they are not being used.AirBar_005-1000If you’re splurging on a blow out — or investing the time to do your own — the key is to make it last! How to do so? Two favorite AIRBAR stylists Lisandra Delgado and Millie Reyes were gracious enough to provide us with a few expert tips:

  1. It starts with the wash! Scrub your scalp really well with shampoo. Next, don’t condition roots, just the ends and rinse out really, really well. Conditioner will weigh your hair down.
  2. If you need to put your hair up, always use a scrunchie, not a tight hair tie which creates creases.
  3. Try not to touch your hair!  The less you touch it, the longer it stays.
  4. Minimize hair product and use flexible hair spray. 
  5. Dry shampoo definitely helps… but don’t use it until you need it. Spray it on and leave it for a few minutes before combing through.
  6. Sleep with a satin pillowcase.
  7. Don’t get it wet. Use a shower cap in the shower (I do this religiously; it makes a big difference).
  8. For volume, use a small claw clip to create a half up/half down look with lots of volume on top, while you’re getting ready.  When you are ready to go out release the clip and voila…volume galore!

What is the longest you have made a blowout last?

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