I will keep your information safe!   Your privacy is very important to me. The Modern Savvy does work with some third-party companies to gather some general data – but none of this information is specific to you, and never, ever shared with outside parties. I solely use it as a reference to create and provide you helpful content.

Content is paramount.  The Modern Savvy only accepts products or works with brands that are already a natural, organic fit. We receive offers for sponsored post and advertising that we decline unless they’re a brand we’d write about without being paid to do so. The same goes for gifted items. Complimentary items are only featured if we love them; if we don’t love them, we’ll graciously share with a friend who might but we won’t feature them here.

TMS is part of several affiliate programs. This means that if you click on a link on this site or one of our social media channels in order to make a purchase at a retailer, we may receive a small percentage of sales. You’re under no obligation to click through via one of the links when shopping online, but, if you do, you’ll be supporting my site as well. (We bloggers have to pay for not-so-fun things, like domain URLs and hosting platforms, as well as some real-life bills). Affiliates are never given preferential treatment.

Inappropriate comments will be deleted.  TMS generally allows all comments, even ones that are not so nice (though, why? Let’s be good to each other). Any inappropriate or spammy comments will be deleted.

Image Usage:  Developing content for TMS takes time. We appreciate any content you would like to share, however please link back to the specific post. We always do the same. If you see your content here that is not linked, please let us know. We try our best to always find the original source and will happily link back to you (or remove the photo, if that’s your preference).

Brands: please contact us at hello@themodernsavvy.com to request a media kit if you’re interested in collaborating, advertising or sponsoring a post. We do not sell text links or accept guest posts, however we are open to working with you on a post about your brand written from our point of view.

Thanks again for reading The Modern Savvy!

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