Hi, I’m Alyson! Welcome to The Modern Savvy!

(formerly The Average Girl’s Guide)

I started The Modern Savvy because my girlfriends always discuss, wonder and deliberate over the same things. We discuss what we’re wearing on Saturday night (or to a kid’s birthday party), what’s still cool and what needs to be donated immediately, and which are the latest accessories to modernize our wardrobe.

We discuss friendships and family and debate the greatest wonder of the world – why men can’t pick up their own socks! – to more serious talks about how we can achieve success in our businesses and lives.

I created The Modern Savvy so women like you and me can come together to discuss all of this and more. And, I created it because I knew if I shared my honest struggles, in the site’s ongoing series called Vent Sesh, that it could help with something you’re going through. I share about seeing a therapist, my weight, some significant health issues, our road to adoption and my father’s death. None of these are easy topics, but they’re important ones… my hope is that we can all feel permission to be open and honest with one another.

The Modern Savvy was founded in 2010 as The Average Girl’s Guide. The site has morphed over the years and in 2017, rebranded to The Modern Savvy. Alyson lives in Florida with her husband, Adam, along with their daughter, Sarah, (basically, Alyson’s mini me), and their son, Evan. She has a penchant for coffee and almond butter, for anything bright pink, the Florida Gators, playing on Instagram, wearing jeans, and for summers by the pool.

Sound like we’d be IRL friends? I hope so!

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