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My Current Amazon Favorites

It’s been a while since I’ve shared my current Amazon favorites. And since it’s clear your love of a good purchase — particularly when it’s available via Amazon Prime! — runs as deep as my love.

Today I’m sharing with you what I have purchased and have been loving; as you can probably relate, lots gets sent back, particularly as it relates to testing clothing on Amazon, however I pickup so many handy items on Amazon for myself, for our house, for the kids, for life. Ha, I honestly don’t know how I got all of this done before. I guess it helped I was in my 20s with way less responsibility and humans to care for!

Have you found any gems recently on Amazon? Leave a message in the comments — I’d love to hear.

My Current Amazon Favorites

Nippies skin: love that I’m starting off strong with these! 😉 Definitely one of my favorite recent purchases after feeling so frustrated with certain tops. I stumbled across these on Amazon (as one does on Amazon) and the reviews sold me. I’ve now worn mine at least 4-5 times and I couldn’t be happier. They have a beautiful, natural shape, stick well (without killing you to take them off) and alleviate any issues with bra straps, side bra issues by your arm hole (often my biggest issue), etc.

The ultimate sunglasses: so many of you already have these and write me with your equal love of them — yay!! – so I had to include them in this roundup. At under $10, these are the freaking all-stars of sunglasses. They’re definitely a designer knock-off, yet are incredibly durable, haven’t stretched at all, under $10, block sun well and look so good in person. I have both the matte and shiny black pairs. I destroy my sunglasses — or lose them. I honestly now gravitate toward these instead of my other pricier sunglasses.

Bed sheets: I had these in my cart forever last year and refused to pull the trigger even after a blogger I adore (Jen of The Sister Studio) raved about them. I mean under $30 for soft sheets? Year right. You get where this is going… they’re SO good. These bed sheets also come in tons of colors. We personally love white sheets and now have two sets of these and I couldn’t be happier. They are super soft, don’t make us warm, and have held up fantastically well in the wash.

Vanity organizer: I’ve had this rotating organizer for at least a year and it’s still one of my favorite Amazon purchases! I keep it under my bathroom sink and it holds so freaking much. Best of all, you can set/ adjust all the shelves for your products so it’s so super functional. It’s so incredibly useful — particularly at just under $20 — if you need a bathroom refresh.

Microfiber hair turban: I am a total convert to this microfiber hair turban, which I use every time I wash my hair and would totally bring with me on a vacation (except I try at all costs to salvage my hair while traveling!). It really helps take out our

Workout leggings: these have all the good reviews, and with good reason! They’re the perfect suck-you-in, higher rise, don’t show sweat (trust me, I’ve tested) leggings that also have pockets and are that great 7/8 length. So many refer to them as Lululemon leggings for less, way less. Available in so many solids and colors! I’m partial to the camo, but even a classic black or burgundy pair is great to have. Plus, free shipping and returns with Prime. For a non-pocket version, I really love this pair (have them in the rosy color) — if you’re between sizes, size down. Mine are a small and could have gotten XS.

More Recent Amazon Purchases

Workout shorts: in truth, I actually prefer working out in shorts. My trainer taught me this trick: I can see and focus on my muscles, which I am confident gives me a better workout. These are not too short, not too long, have that higher waist, also have pockets, are super comfortable yet suck you in, and are also under $30. I just ordered a second charcoal pair. Runs true to size.

Wrist and ankle weights: With the exception of hot yoga, I workout in my small clubhouse gym. I started following more fitness bloggers and trainers on Instagram and seek out exercises that require nominal equipment. Literally, NO EXCUSES! I’ve only used these 2 lb. weights on my ankles so far, but they definitely amp up the workout — I feel it after, and love that I’m taking the same time to really tone my legs. These have fantastic reviews, and have been comfortable to wear. Highly suggest!

Minnie Mouse Ears: if you are going to Disney, ears are really the cutest accessory. So much so that Disney will try to offensively swindle $30 out of you for a pair. DO NOT. Amazon has nine gazillion (literally) color/style variations all for around $9-12 each, with everything from basic colors to holiday or princess/character theme. The options are endless! Sarah and I wore the black and gold ones in this Instagram pic.

Coffee tee: ok, so this is the only item I don’t own, but I have a nearly identical one from the brand Chaser from two years ago (seen here) and every time I wear it on social media I get questions where I got it. This one is nearly identical, for a fraction of the price. Wear it on it’s own, with joggers or jeans, layered under a cardigan or dress it up with a skirt, booties and a denim jacket. Endless options.

Kids earphones: if you are looking for earphones for your little one, we love these collapsible ones so much. I think I bought them 3-4 years ago for travel and we continue to use them for both kids, Evan with the red ones and Sarah with rose gold (naturally). The sound quality is great, they fold to become much more compact and you don’t have to worry about little ear buds going in their ears.

Knife set: I already raved about my knife set in September’s Favorites so I won’t go all fanatical again, however we LOVE this set so much. It’s under $60, amazing quality — I mean the cutting quality is insane! — and I can’t help myself, the white set just looks so much prettier on my counter top. And hey, happy wife, happy life.

Clear organization containers: not the most fun to spend money on, but seriously worth it every time I open my pantry or fridge. Think through first what you want to corral — snack bars or bags, squeezes, your coffee pods, and then start selecting sizes. This keeps everything so organized, and having a home for items makes me really happy. A basic deep clear container for my coffee pods that it’s the cabinet below my mugs is honestly one of my favorites — we keep a few flavors in there instead of all the boxes or having a container on the counter. Love.

Kids’ Mad Libs: Remember Mad Libs?! Well I purchased a few kiddo ones for Sarah this summer and she has been loving it. It’s a ton of fun, something we can do together or she can do with friends, and they’re learning about adverbs and adjectives and plural nouns and all the things while making silly sentences. Tricking them into learning is pretty fun. There are a ton of themes ones on Amazon and they range from $4-$7. Definitely worth checking out (and even a fun stocking stuffer come holiday time!).

What are some of your current Amazon favorites? Share in a comment below!

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