How to Be More Positive

How to be a more positive person -- easy things you can do now to have a more positive outlook

Some people are naturally incredibly optimistic positive people, and some are so downright negative it can be tough to be around; something is always wrong or there’s always a problem. We likely know people who fall into both categories, the later being a bit more challenging to deal with on a daily basis.

I honestly believe better things happen — or at least you’re likely to see the positive and joy in a situation — the more you are a positive person. For some that comes naturally, for others it takes work. Sometimes it’s that that the person is just a negative person, but I also have seen where someone simply sees every single angle so thoroughly that they talk yourself out of a situation for fear it won’t go the way they want. That’s equally as tough.

Do you want to be a more positive person? It’s just like any other habit, it takes work and persistence. If you asked me if my glass is half full or half empty, I’m likely to tell you that it’s “half.” Ha! I tend to see both sides, but I definitely know that I’m an equally determined person so I skew more to the positive/accomplish it perspective.

Here are a few ways to train yourself to be more positive.

How to Be More Positive

Change your inner dialogue.

This is what I was saying above and it’s critical. You can’t keep saying, “well I’m just a negative person,” or whatever it is in your head that keeps you responding the same way over and over again and lets you justify every action. Be more conscious of decisions you’re making and ways you are responding to situations and other people. Are your responses constructive, helpful and positive? If not, focus how you can be more solution-oriented? Being solution oriented often creates a positive outcome, and it’s what I tell my kiddos — especially Sarah — all the time.

The thing is, we can’t go back in time and we can’t change anything prior to this moment. BUT, there are many ways to write the future. So, do you want take time, mental energy and focus to be frustrated? Maybe a minute or two is OK, I get it. 😉 Then it’s time to problem solve, and move toward the most positive result possible in any situation.

Find an activity or hobby that could bring you joy.

The more things that bring you joy and happiness, the happier you’ll be as a human… and it’s guaranteed to translate to other parts of your life. What do you do in your life right now for you? Anything? Or are you only serving other people? If the answer is the later, it’s time to take some time, any time, to prioritize you. Take a hip hop or art class, go for walks with a best friend you rarely see, visit the beach or take time to explore the mountains. Whatever it is, remember that our lives are made up of a million little moments.

Do something kind for someone else.

Seriously, the best way to feel and be more positive is to help someone else. I’m incredibly passionate about volunteering and giving back to my community, and even doing small acts of kindness. Studies have actually proven that doing something kind for someone else will boost your mood. Try anything: volunteering, giving someone a genuine compliment… the simple act of focusing on someone else, particularly in today’s me me me / selfie-society will absolutely have a positive impact.


Smile… or dance. I swear I mention dance parties way too often here on The Modern Savvy; anyone else think they make them feel more positive and happy? If dancing is not your jam, start smiling. Smiling is a sure-fire mood to up your positive factor. Not one of those fake smiles… but one where you can feel your eyes smiling with your mouth can make you feel like your smiling on the inside (even if you’re currently not). The more you smile, the more it will also bring joy to others… try it!

Becoming a more positive person definitely takes time, particularly if you’re someone who doesn’t naturally think this way. I’m not suggesting having your head in the clouds with blind optimism — there are realities of life. However, having a positive outlook can help you navigate your days better, particularly when you’re facing a major challenge or heartache.

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    Lisa Winckelmans
    March 18, 2019 at 6:59 AM

    Love this post, amawing tips
    XO Lisa

  • Reply
    February 12, 2019 at 3:35 PM

    That first one is SO true – it took me years to achieve, but man is it life changing!

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