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Are We Creating Lives Full Of Satisfaction? // A Vent Sesh

Will you be able to say you've led a life full of adventure and satisfaction? Love this reflection from a 30-something blogger // the modern savvy

“I’ve had a life so full of adventure and satisfaction.”

I recently heard this powerful sentence from an older woman (probably in her 80s) speaking to a small crowd of women.

A month later, this sentence has stuck with me.

Her life sounded phenomenal, and impactful and crazy interesting and fun.

We don’t need (nor should we) have the same life goals — and while her life felt this way for reasons close to her — what stuck with me is… she felt satisfied.

She lived a full life, and one where that, in her 80s, she felt like she did this thing.

That’s a remarkable feat, and it left me wondering… will I feel the same way?

I’m currently in crazy town, shuttling kids, trying to keep up with work, with family, with my marriage and friends, and myself. If you’re around my age and life place, you get it, and it can feel hard to clear away that crazy to see what life will become when all of this settles down.

Will I feel as fulfilled as this awesome woman does? If my life ended tomorrow, could I say this?


What’s interesting about this reflection is that of course each of our perceptions of a “fulfilled” and “satisfied” life vary so insanely because each of our life goals and wishes are so vastly different.

A sense of satisfaction is so deeply personal. Maybe you want to change the world in some grand fashion, and for others, growing and nurturing babies is your life’s greatest joy. And heck, by the way, you’re also changing the world.

You might want to create your own business, be president, mentor at-risk women, create a nonprofit or become a yoga instructor.

A sense of adventure could mean incredible travel, and for others, it means weekly “adventures” with your children (and one day grandchildren) to pick up seashells at the beach, to explore the outdoors or even tackle random hobbies that take you beyond your comfort zone.

Because when it comes to life, never play the comparison game. Ultimately, the only person who will lose is you.


When you’re 80ish (or 90ish, or 100ish!), you want to look back and be confident you made the decisions for you.

That you can make a statement that your life has been full of satisfaction and adventure. That undoubtedly must be one of life’s greatest gifts.

I only hope I can look back one day and give this gift to myself.

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    June 3, 2017 at 3:21 PM

    Good vent sesh girl, This is so true! It’s so hard to clear your head for long enough to even think about how things will look in the rear view mirror. And maybe I do need to be more intentional sometimes. It’s just so hard to know, until you’re there. Does that even make sense, lol?!

    Heidi || Wishes & Reality

    • Reply
      June 11, 2017 at 8:40 PM

      Totally makes sense! I think it’s all about clearing away the clutter and being honest with yourself moreso than being intentional every moment. If you are being honest with you then you will be satisfied later on, for sure. xo

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    Krisztina Clifton
    June 2, 2017 at 12:53 PM

    I totally agree! My husband and I are being very intentional about getting the most out of life. Society tells us to work hard and pay bills, and unfortunately sometimes church tells us to sacrifice and forgive when that is not always the best choice. Everyone has one life and no one else has to go through my life but me, so I have a responsibility to myself to enjoy it and to figure out what will make me feel satisfied with it.

    • Reply
      June 11, 2017 at 8:42 PM

      Absolutely loved what you said so much, Krisztina. It’s so true. You are the only one on your journey so that is a responsibility to yourself. It still means we can all be kind, and giving and caring along the way. So appreciate you sharing your perspective. Hope you had a great weekend!

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