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The Only New Years Resolution You Should Make

The Only New Years Resolution You Should Make featured by top US lifestyle blog, The Modern Savvy

I know you’ve clicked on this article thinking you’re going to get a great new years resolution.

So I’ll give you one… sort of.

But first, I must confess to you that I realized I have a major issue with New Years resolutions.

If you really, really want to do something or make a change, why wait for an arbitrary date on  the calendar take a step forward or make the change that sets your soul on fire?

(Plus, not to be a downer but it’s common fact that most people quit their new years resolution within a week or a month or something crazy.)

I digress.

If you want to run a marathon (or run for one minute!), write a book (or read more of them!), open an Etsy shop, get a new job, accomplish another goal, leave an abusive relationship, start fighting for your health or anything else, what are you waiting for?

January 1?

I’m sorry, the more I think about this the more I wonder how we let ourselves fall into this “new year, new you” trap for this long.

The only new years resolution you should make, regardless of the date on the calendar…

Start today.

This doesn’t require it being January 1. In fact, there’s a 1 in 364 chance that it’s not.

It can be December 31, April 3, July 19 or October 5 or another other day.

If your heart, your head and your body are nagging at you telling you that it’s time you make a change and fight for who you are destined to be… listen.

Start now. Take just one step forward, and then another one tomorrow. And another one the next day.

It’s time you start showing up for your life.

If you’re this fired up, show up now. There’s no need to wait one more day to get closer to the goal you want to reach, and to the person you are destined to be.

Show up. Be consistent. Believe. Fight. Fight harder.

You are worth it.

Not every day will be easy and you could fall or feel frustrated or defeated. I’ve been there girl. It’s OK to be angry, frustrated, or annoyed. Sit there for a minute and then push forward.

It’s your strength to get up again is what ultimately matters most.

If you show up every single day and are consistent, I swear to you that you are unstoppable.

Consistency is what will separate you from everyone else.

You’ll get there, and faster than if you wait for that date on the calendar.

Today is your day.

Forget new years resolution; make this your life resolution.

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    January 17, 2019 at 6:22 PM

    Thanks, Alyson. You made my day and hopefully many more to come! I’m 80 and still pushing on. Your post is so right on.

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