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What You Should Know About Buying Amazon Clothes (& My Picks!)

The Best Amazon Fashion Finds for Fall // the modern savvy, life and style blog #budgetfashion #amazon

You guys, when did the Amazon clothes get seriously so good?? I often hit up the same stores but more and more I’m finding some gems on Amazon, and noticing other bloggers are as well. It makes sense if you think about it, since we basically have multiple Amazon orders each week. You can really find anything and everything and I’m utilizing it more as a style resource to buy Amazon clothes for myself and our family.

I’ve always seen Amazon has brands we’ve all heard of like Steve Madden, Joie,  but my interest is now in those random brands (like this embroidered tank we all love!) to now Amazon-produced brands, like Daily Ritual, where I scored this super cozy cute sweatshirt (and also this two pack of great white tanks).

I’m excited to share with you a few more of my Amazon style finds that are perfect for Fall. But first, let’s talk tips and strategy.

Shopping for Amazon Clothes

One of the best parts of Amazon is its awesome search-ability. Some sites I swear make it painful to find something (don’t get me started), but Amazon makes it easy to find exactly what we’re looking for… home, or style (or absolutely anything random I never knew I needed!). I generally try to buy things via Amazon Prime so I know I’ll get it in a reasonable time period.

By the way, did you know Amazon owns Shopbop? If you are a Prime member, you can log into Shopbop with your Amazon Prime info to get faster shipping. Definitely a nice perk!

Style Tips for Shopping Amazon Clothes

Read the reviews & check out the photos! While we never know who’s sharing reviews, it’s so helpful to hear about fit, style, quality, etc. Sure, if I’m spending $18 on a top I’m not expecting luxe $300 style, however look for insight regarding sizing, how it washes, if colors are true to the image, etc.

Filter for Amazon Prime (or be prepared for a wait): I try to focus on the items that are available with Amazon Prime, otherwise you really need to look at estimated arrival and where it’s coming from. If you’re cool with waiting 2-4 weeks for an awesome find from Asia, go for it… I have and it’s fine but don’t make the mistake assuming it will be here for your weekend date night.

Read the product description: this is a big one; ever order something only to realize the sizing or size is WAY off? I’m so guilty of that when it comes to furniture, or even purses… I swear I’m spatially challenged. Note the inseam and length (and even material) so you don’t wind up with a dress that looks like a tunic. There are so many gems on Amazon — I’m sharing all my fall style finds below — and a quick read will help mitigate having this issue.

Consider the fit: just like Rent the Runway, I try to purchase things on sites like Amazon where it’s something that typically would fit my body. For example, super random but I’m really short from my shoulders to my chest so I have to be really careful ordering bathing suits, strappy tanks, etc., online because I swear it can become an indecent situation very quickly!

Explore fun brands: Did you know Amazon actually has more than 70 in-house brands?! I had no idea! There’s quite a few good style brands within that.

Daily Ritual is where this sweatshirt is from; they have a great selection of cozy loungewear and great basics. For a similar yet slightly more trendy vibe with cool cut-out details, I just found Luna Coalition and am very into it; plan on investigating a bit more.

The Fix is another favorite — I stumbled across it first on Shopbop and it has really cute, affordable shoes and purses.

Ella Moon definitely has a boho chic vibe, with a great mostly under $100 price point. If you want something not everyone else has… love this.

Cable & Stitch sounds like what you’d imagine… cute cozy sweaters and cardigans, and oh my goodness, can it get cold in Florida? Impressed by this one.

Lark & Ro: thinking of this as on-trend polished and professional; think LOFT, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor vibes with some cool prints, flattering silhouettes and good price points.

Plus, have fun looking at the “customers who viewed this also viewed”… can definitely be a bit of a rabbit hole but if you’re new to exploring style on Amazon, you can definitely find a gem.

Quality vs. price: we’re talking under $30 buys in this post and this is where the reviews really factor in. Reviewers can be cut throat even about a $12 bathing suit! So if a top has 150 at least 4 star reviews, I’m feeling pretty confident that I’m going to get my $20 worth.

So… would you buy Amazon clothes? Have you and found any favorites? Share them here!

Ok… and here’s a super cozy sweatshirt, available in three colors. Keep going for more style finds. 

#budgetfashion #amazon | What You Should Know About Buying Amazon Clothes (& My Picks!) featured by popular Florida fashion blogger The Modern Savvy #budgetfashion #amazon | What You Should Know About Buying Amazon Clothes (& My Picks!) featured by popular Florida fashion blogger The Modern Savvy #budgetfashion #amazon | What You Should Know About Buying Amazon Clothes (& My Picks!) featured by popular Florida fashion blogger The Modern Savvy


I also recently got this short sleeve thermal that comes in tons of colors and is an under $20 look-for-less of a $40 version from Urban Outfitters. It’s one of those great items that as cozy as a tee but looks more pulled together. There’s also a long-sleeve version.  Wearing size small.

#budgetfashion #amazon | What You Should Know About Buying Amazon Clothes (& My Picks!) featured by popular Florida fashion blogger The Modern Savvy

And, fancy-ing it up: I saw another blogger wear this ruffle hem peplum top and it’s so fun and out of my comfort zone in both color and style but I couldn’t resist, and I’m so glad I went for it! It’s just $18 and comes in a bunch of colors. I’m wearing a small.

#budgetfashion #amazon | What You Should Know About Buying Amazon Clothes (& My Picks!) featured by popular Florida fashion blogger The Modern Savvy


By the way, this post is not sponsored in any way (I wish I could be an Amazon ambassador! #bloggoals), but it does contain affiliate links. If you click and make a purchase, I will earn a small commission.

Also, check out my Amazon Shop – I put all of my favorite picks (style, home, family, everything) there!

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#budgetfashion #amazon | What You Should Know About Buying Amazon Clothes (& My Picks!) featured by popular Florida fashion blogger The Modern Savvy


Photo credit (for sweatshirt images): Heather Holt

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    Most of the time, when we buy clothes on Amazon, we always ignore a lot of useful information, so we can’t buy the right clothes

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    September 8, 2018 at 2:08 AM

    I make sure I always read the product description and reviews first before I consider buying the item. And yes, it’s also good to explore other brands. These are great tips dear. Thanks for sharing!

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    I have been obsessed with buying all the clothes on Amazon lately! Especially the sweaters and leggings. It may be becoming a problem lol!

    Heidi || Wishes & Reality

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    I always obsessively read the reviews haha! Love these tips.


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    Love this post so much – I just clicked on a million links and am excited to check these out!

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