25 Amazon Favorites Under $30

25 Beauty and Style Amazon Favorites Under $30 featured by popular Florida life and style blogger, The Modern Savvy

I think we can all agree that Amazon is the jam. Perhaps it’s taking over the world but it’s also making my life incredibly easier by saving me multiple chaotic errands when I can just receive (multiple) Amazon deliveries per week (sorry Adam!). There are so many gems on Amazon that I thought it would be fun to share 25 Amazon favorites under $25. From the incredibly useful to clever, functional or stylish, each of these fit the bill… and I own nearly all of them. Let’s dive in!

25 Beauty and Style Amazon Favorites Under $30 featured by popular Florida life and style blogger, The Modern Savvy

25 Amazon Favorites:

Brilliant color markers: if you journal, draw or have a child who does, these markers have rave reviews for the quality fine point application and it doesn’t bleed through.

Wine holder for bath or shower: I have never seen anything more necessary in my life. Ever. Also awesome for a beer. And a super fun gift idea! Now, can someone watch my kids so I can relax in the tub?

Shoe insoles: I know I’m clumsy but ignore that part; these professional-grade inserts, suggested by my physical therapist in lieu of expensive custom ones, slip into your sneaks and immediately provide foot and arch support, and therefore helps mitigate some back pain. They also make me feel more stable; you can easily take them in and out of shoes but I purchased a second pair… one stays in my gym/workout sneaks and I rotate the other pair with my Adidas superstars, or any sneakers with a softer footbed.

Tortoise shell hoops: did you know Amazon has huge amounts of adorable, super budget friendly jewelry?! Hoops + tortoise shell are so in, and this double set is a win at around $10. Or, try these fun emerald green earrings for a bolder statement.

Field jacket: sure you can get Madewell’s for $118 or even Old Navy’s for $40, but this one via Amazon has stellar reviews and makes for the perfect transition piece heading into fall (or year-round if you live in a warm weather climate).

iPad/phone pillow stand: I got a similar one for Adam years ago and it’s amazing, especially if you’re lounging on the couch or bed watching your iPad. Your hands and wrists will thank you. One of those items you’ll realize… how did I live without this?

Unicorn tape dispenser: file this under… super necessary desk essential to make office work more fun. 😉 There are so many fun desk ideas for you, a colleague or that kiddo going back to school.

Metal reusable straws: save waste and instead purchase a set of these metal straws (I love how they feel so cold!), or get a silicone set, which my kiddos prefer… the later comes with two metal straws, too.

Jar key: if you have trouble opening jars, you need this. We have one and seriously, it helps open jars in a snap! My MIL got us one maybe a decade ago — we still have, use and love it.

Cozy pullover: available in three colors, this sweatshirt by Daily Ritual is a new personal favorite (I’ll be wearing it soon on the blog). It’s soooo insanely soft, cozy, has stylish side details and great wider band detailing & looks way nicer than the under $30 price tag. I’ve also have this two-pack tank set by this brand;  I got the white ones but lots of colors to select from.

Bak-Out Cleaner & clear bottles: my interior designer friend, Shira, suggested this stain and odor eliminator, which basically gets everything out of everywhere without harmful chemicals. She suggested pouring it in these prettier clear bottles and of course I listened… I use this regularly to spot clean our carpet or the durable indoor/outdoor rug under our kitchen table. Highly suggest!

Make-up organizer: Talk about a space-saving storage display. I absolutely love how it 360 degree spins and has all those adjustable shelves. I’ve seen another blogger use it and it’s on my list for when I’m ready to replace my current situation; this is definitely more functional and takes up less space.

Wet brush: if your kiddos (or you!) cry over hair brushing, please make the switch to the Wet brush. We have at least three because they’re literally my saving grace as a mom. It’s the only hairbrush Sarah will use… and we’ve tried plenty.

Large round brush: blow drying hair sucks. Seriously, I hate it, but I’ve been watching the pros and a mega round brush makes such a difference. I had a smaller/mid size brush before and I switched to this a few weeks ago. Holy difference! It really grabs the hair and enables you to create volume and body as you dry your hair. For reference, my hair is only slightly past my shoulders so don’t think you need super long hair for a larger round brush.

Glass container: holy cuteness! File this under, we have a party on Friday and have nothing to bring. Order this, and perhaps package it with your friends favorite candy. It’s such a cute, creative gift idea — or a fun conversation piece in your home.

Contact lenses case: I usually use the lame containers that come with my solution. There is something clearly out there for everything. This is such a fun upgrade, or gift idea.

Indian Healing Clay: have you heard of this?! I stumbled across it while searching in beauty and it has basically like 10 gazillion five star reviews (ok, 18,500+!). This multi-purpose mask is super budget friendly, clears out your pores and leaves your skin feeling ultra clean and smooth. I want to try this; you??

Mask applicator brushes: a few years ago I purchased a cheapy brush to apply my face masks instead of making a huge mess with my hands. Why did I never think of this before?! This set is a steal, adorable & will make applying masks way cleaner and faster (you also waste less product).

Curling/iron holder: if you’ve followed here for a while you know my all out love affair for Vera Bradley travel, particularly these super handy holders perfect for travel. Get this: curl or straighten your hair, take that super hot tool and put it in this safe holder, pop it into your suitcase and head out! I’ve had one for no joke, about 12 years and last year purchased a second in this super cute black floral print. One of my top three travel purchases ever.

RXBar: why run around town getting your snacks when they can be shipped to your door?! RXBars are so good, and the kid-size version (perfect for smaller adult snacks!) are delish… I live for the PB&J.

Derma roller needle: I purchased this for micro needling last year after hearing rave reviews about a Rodan & Fields version for about six times more. Micro needling is a popular skin technique that uses this super tiny needles (promise it doesn’t hurt!) to stimulate the body’s own collagen production to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, it’s the best way to allow serums — like the Vitamin C serum here — to be absorbed into your skin for better impact than usual.

Vitamin C serum: If you want brighter, tighter and overall better-looking skin, the ingredient is vitamin C. Sure, you can get a $120 serum, but why when you can get this version that’s cruelty free for just $17. Plus, this one adds in hyleronic acid and Vitamin E to maximize skin benefits for more vibrant and smoother skin. Check out the reviews for proof!

Velvet throw pillow covers: can’t say no to throw pillows, and this set of two — which comes in tons of colors! — is such a steal at just $12.99! Perfect for a guest room bed, a corner chair, a little couch refresh, anything. These are the covers, so grab these inserts or swap out ones you already have.

Fast charging 10 ft. cable: ugh, is there anything more annoying than a too short power cord?! I’m not encouraging you to find a solution to basically hug your phone in bed (ha!), however this has been perfect for my office, where my other cords were such a hassle and annoying. Why didn’t I do this sooner?

Foam roller: if your shoulders and back feel tight, if you want to increase flexibility or simply get a deeper relaxing stretch, you need a foam roller. It helps release muscle tension and tightness and both Adam and I have found it effective for everything mentioned above. Our physical therapist is a huge fan.



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    Kimberly Smith
    August 25, 2018 at 7:56 AM

    So many great finds – totally ordering that pillow stand!

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      August 28, 2018 at 3:23 PM

      Isn’t that awesome?! Adam uses his ALL THE TIME — I should get one for me too. 🙂

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