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Our Adoption Journey: Forever Day

Today marks a very special day for our family. July 1 is the day Evan officially became ours, our adoption “forever day.”

Three years ago, our nearly one year son who I had the incredible blessing to witness being born, legally became ours in front of a judge and in front of our family. His big sister raised her hand higher than anyone when the judge asked for our commitment, knowing deep in her soul this little boy was meant to be her brother. We equally knew it from the instant we met him.

While we don’t have an open relationship with Evan’s birth mother, I recognize and admire every single day her selflessness to give her baby up for adoption to a family she felt was in a better position to take care of this sweet boy. I can’t imagine that, and every day we strive to give Evan all the tools necessary to become the man I know he is capable of becoming. He literally glows with light and goodness.

Our adoption journey wasn’t easy, and it was absolutely different than what my naive, younger 20-something self envisioned.

I know there are so many women, so many families, silently struggling to conceive. Your hearts are hurting and I hear you. The adoption journey is a first choice for some, though I recognize it’s not for all. While I — for no real reason — ever thought we’d adopt, I couldn’t imagine our family being completed any other way.  Perhaps we sometimes need to take a different road than we imagined, but it doesn’t mean the ending will be any less. In fact, perhaps it gives us a bigger love than we ever thought possible. It’s incredible what can happen when we open ourselves up to all the possibilities.

Today we celebrate the boy who completed our family, the birth mother who gave us this blessing, and our family and tribe who nurtures us with all of the love to make our forever a reality.

Our Wonderful Adoption Journey

Our Adoption Journey: Forever Day featured by popular Florida lifestyle blogger The Modern Savvy

You can read more about our adoption journey here.

(A follow up post about five things you may not know about adoption is coming soon; please email me at hello@themodernsavvy.com with anything you’d like addressed).


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    July 1, 2018 at 1:26 PM

    That is so awesome. What a lucky and much loved little.man.

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      July 9, 2018 at 8:23 PM

      We are absolutely the lucky ones! 🙂

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