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Alyson’s Obsessions: December 2017’s Current Favorites

Alyson's Obsessions: December 2017's Current Favorites

Welcome to the last Alyson’s Obsessions for 2017! It’s been a largely insane month for many of us, I’m sure, so I’m hopeful you can get a few days of reprieve before we kick it into high gear into 2017. Here are a few things I’ve been totally loving this month.


Jeni's delivery - Alyson's Obsessions: December 2017's Current Favorites

Last week one of Adam’s happy clients (and I say one because we got three awesome gifts here if you follow along on Instagram stories!) sent Adam — err, us — a delivery of Jeni’s homemade ice cream. I wasn’t familiar with the brand but you guys clearly are. Literally everyone who saw my post must have messaged me!

Founded in 2002 by Jeni Britton Bauer, she was determined to make ice cream using whole ingredients and dairy from grass-pastured cows, rather than synthetic flavorings and commodity ice cream mix. The results speak for themselves… each flavor is perfect straight from the pint with a spoon; trust me, I’ve tried. We received this “top sellers” collection, however I’m blown away by all the interesting flavors on the site.  If you’re one of the five other people on Earth who hasn’t experienced, apparently the Modern Savvy tribe says it’s a must.



Alyson's Obsessions: December 2017's Current Favorites

Every time I use my pop socket — that cool thing suctioned to my phone that comes in a million colors and prints — I get all sorts of questions. Ladies, if you don’t have one and you have a phone… get it. Sorry to be bossy here but it’s so helpful. I LOVE my newer iPhone 8+ but the size makes it challenging and I was getting indentations in my pinky. See how I’m holding the phone with the pop socket? It makes it SO much easier and more comfortable.  Plus, you can rest your phone at an incline, perfect for watching videos.  They’re all around $10; here’s mine, and here’s all of them on Amazon.



Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale finds - Alyson's Obsessions: December 2017's Current Favorites

Are you totally over shopping? I am… buutttt… I also love a good sale! Nordstrom of course unveiled its half-yearly sale, with so many good finds for you, kiddos and the men. A few items worth noting: my boots featured above, this (I have in grey & love these colors), Hunter boots, and this adjustable necklace, and of course, Zella for workout gear (love this pullover with thumb holes). If you’re in a cooler climate, this jacket is gorgeous & an amazing price, and for a lighter-weight jacket, I love this.  I also just added these to my cart and anyone else think this set would be the best cozy house pjs? Plus, if you’ve ever debated ordering from BaubleBar (my go-to for fun costume jewelry), Nordstrom now has a ton on sale, including these earrings everyone loves (and ps: BaubleBar has 25% off its entire site)! Here are some of my favorite sale finds:



Alyson's Obsessions: December 2017's Current Favorites

Aca-scuse me?! Have you not seen your Bellas yet? The first one was incredible, the second movie was terrible, and the third… they’re back, pitches! 😉 Lots more remixes from songs you know, incredible one liners, and a plot — while absurd — moves along. Get some popcorn, and get comfy. You’re going to love it.



Alyson's Obsessions: December 2017's Current Favorites

Body Love: As I’m preparing to get back on track health-wise (lots of fall travel, the holidays, and then my surgery did not help), I purchased this book I’ve been hearing friends rave about. Written by Kelly LeVeque, a health and wellness coach to lots of celebs (Jessica Alba authored the book’s intro), the tagline basically says it all… live in balance, weigh what you want, and free yourself from food drama forever. Two friends mentioned just drinking one of her Fab Four Smoothies each day — there are 88 recipes included in the book! — has been an easy way to lose weight and mitigate hunger.  The whole focus is getting your digestive system in check and balancing your blood sugar by focusing on the Fab Four: eating the right combination of proteins, fats, fibers and greens. I’m really excited for this change in mindset, to feel full and satisfying longer without bloat. If you’ve read or plan to read, comment below.


PS: for more of my current favorties, latest loves and finds, in addition to bits of my life and fam, be sure to follow me on Instagram at @themodernsavvy. I share lots on Instagram stories (click on my circular profile image to watch them). 

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    That ice cream sounds amazing!! And I’m trying to stay away from sales but not sure I’ll be able to resist!


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