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If you follow me on social media you might have already heard the news… we’re doing a MODERN SAVVY RUN CLUB in May!!! So, to celebrate, I’m sharing all my running essentials with you today! I am SOOOOO crazy, bordering on really nerdy excitement to connect our community in this fun, heart-pumping, feel good, stress-reducing, no-pressure way.

I did one in April led by a local fitness instructor (read my Instagram post here about what this meant to me) and it kept me so motivated throughout the month to put on my sneakers, listen to some happy music and get moving. I want to recreate the same feeling here with our community and love seeing nearly 100 of you already signed up!

I’m about to tell you how to join but before we do there are four things you must know, particularly if you’re wondering if this is for you.

1. YES, you can run or walk. This is about meeting you where you are and feeling good about what you can do, where you are now. Maybe other run clubs are strictly running but even this girl who completed 60 miles in April did some walking. My endurance is a work-in-progress and it’s freaking hot in Florida. I focused on reaching the goal and celebrating my accomplishment, with the intent of getting a little better each time. It’s that simple.

2. It’s OK if you don’t meet the goal. Yes, I think it’s attainable for most however there are so many variables. We are all at such different places right now, some of us home schooling or first responders or working crazy hours. Do not let guilt sink in, and don’t wake up exhausted and miserable because you “need to do this for me.” No, sometimes our body needs sleep. Do what you can, celebrate that, and let us celebrate with you.

2. You will never regret the times you go out and run, walk and move your body. Have you ever? I had so many times in April that I was feeling blah or anxious or stressed or uneasy. Some days I was lazy and gave into it, to be honest, but the days I got my tush up and moved (honestly motivated by the run club), with happy beats in my ears? I always felt better.

2. Working out is not a punishment for what you eat. I want to get into this in more detail but stop talking about the Quarantine 15 or eating like crap or drinking more… this is an intense time. Separate them out in your brain. Move because it feels good. Move because your body can. Move to get your heart rate up. Be kind


1. Download the Nike Run Club app (it’s free)
2. Request me as a friend (Alyson Seligman)
3. I’ll accept you and then request you to join the Modern Savvy run club challenge
4. You can find the challenge on the bottom right of the app, second from the right (the people icon). You can also invite friends to join.

And if you want, follow me on Instagram (@themodernsavvy) and tag me when you run – would love to share your successes, and give you the opportunity to connect with and motivate each other.

It’s that easy! The goal is 30 miles for the month, which equals about a mile per day; go at whatever pace feels good to you and use this as a general goal.

Nike Run Club app tip: the app has lots of guided runs at all lengths (distance and time), and they’re fantastic. For example, I did a 25-minute run that was music combined with a conversation on stress and mindfulness. I’m excited to try more of these; it made time go by so quickly!

I really, really hope you’ll join us! Use it as motivation to get moving with all of us. This is a weird, tough time. It’s nice to have a community to connect with and motivate each other!

Here are my favorite workout clothes and “other stuff,” the other stuff being everything I use basically daily.




What are your current running essentials? Let me know in a comment below!

So that’s it! Email me or message me anytime with questions.

For more on my at-home workouts when I’m not running, check out this blog post, which also includes a few small pieces of equipment in my regular workout rotation.

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  • Reply
    May 4, 2020 at 1:40 PM

    THANK YOU for setting this up! It is just the motivation I need to get out and move- outdoor time always makes me feel better. I haven’t been able to run in a while boring joint issues) but after just three days of walking with your group, I am feeling like just maybe I’ll be jogging in short bursts again by the end of this month

    • Reply
      May 7, 2020 at 10:25 AM

      LOVE THIS!!! You will definitely be short bursts or a speedier walk by the end of just this month. SO glad you took the first step to join!

  • Reply
    Heather L
    April 30, 2020 at 11:30 AM

    Your hair looks AMAZING in this photo!!!

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