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The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

The Best Valentine's Gifts for Her #valentines #giftguide

I had so much fun creating a Valentine’s Day gift guide for the guys that I couldn’t resist putting one together a Valentine’s Day gifts for her post — feel free to pass this along to your significant other with a wink, or get some gift ideas for your mom, bestie or heck… you! It’s fun to treat yourself every once in a while.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, I’ll reiterate that I’m not about spending a lot of money; it’s more about the thought and sentiment. You’ll notice this Valentine’s Day gift guide isn’t as filled with red and hearts as some other sites; the gift goal is to find something sweet, sentimental, and that your love would want to have and use beyond a few days in February.

A few favorite items: I’ve been eyeing the pink zippered nylon tote for about a year…  looks like the perfect carry-on travel bag, and seems awesome for daily use, too. Plus, please treat yourself or get someone the Nest diffuser in grapefruit, it makes me incredibly joyful when I walk into my bathroom. The eyelash tee is also a lot of fun (I have a similar one), as are these super cool repurposed Louis Vuitton detailed tassels and Apple Watch bands. Plus, sugarfina is a splurge but they have the best sweet treats; this is the Revlon blow dryer that women are obsessing over, and absolutely this is the best sweatshirt ever (most thoughtful gift for an 80s baby!). Also, and what’s more romantic than a book written by a super smart, badass babe? 🙂 And, lastly, this custom bracelet — you write a message in your handwriting and they make it! Talk about beautifully sentimental.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her:

Louis Vuitton tassels // custom handwritten bracelet // heart necklace // Becoming book // Troop Beverly Hills sweatshirt

Nest diffuser // Sugarfina candies // Sugar lip set (my fav hydrating lip brand)

Pajamas set // lashes tee // leather cardholder — beautiful! // ring (want!)

Louis Vuitton apple watch band // Soy Happy card // What I Love book // Revlon blow dryer // Nylon tote (want)

Men: one last tip… whatever you do, get a card, make a card, write a poem, be thoughtful. Gifts are great, but the real way to a woman’s heart is also with the words you share (or get help with from Hallmark!).

Loving this Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her feature? Check out my Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the guys here!

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