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If you don’t have the budget…

The financial stress about the holidays -- what you can do instead // #holidaybudget #holidays

… please don’t buy it.

Please do not create financial stress to gift someone this holiday season.

And for sure do not go into debt trying to do so.

I recognize that during this time of year that myself, other bloggers and every web site and news outlet are sharing gift ideas and tips.

Everyone is buying gifts so it’s logical as part of our business strategy to be a helpful resource. But I don’t want you going into debt as a result.

Also: you do not need that sweater in every color, like some mention.

Again: you do not need to snag that sweater or joggers or whatever someone is showing you that they have 19 of in every color because it’s “such a deal.” They/we get a small commission when you make a purchase so some purchase multiples (albeit gluttonous) to show readers multiple color options. You and me do not need them in every color. I swear.

It’s just like how every single person on your wish list does not need some pricey gift.

Or even any gift, if your budget isn’t there this season.

Please be mindful of what you can afford.

It would break my heart knowing that you have added stress or financial strain this season, particularly if it’s as a result of me sharing a sale or gift guide.

Yes, this site is a business and I, like others on the web, make money to support ourselves and our families when you purchase. I’m incredibly grateful that this is my business. But, I would equally never want to run a business that caused others

If budget is tight this holiday season, there are so many ways to show love that have nothing to do with gifts.

In most instances, the best gift is your time, and doing something that creates a lasting memory.

Consider a girls night with a potluck instead of a pricey girls night out.

Ask for family members to all contribute toward the same gifts instead of lots of individual gifts that we all know get discarded or forgotten 20 minutes later (the worst; just give kids a darn cardboard box… it’s ultimately more popular… and a way better price point!).

Take advantage of dollar stores and those five below stores; my girl LOVES them and it becomes an experience when her grandma takes her.

Plan an inexpensive or free experience.

Buy or make a beautiful card and take the time to write a heartfelt message.

Bake a treat; there are some awesomely creative, cute and delicious looking recipes here if you’re looking.

When I asked on Instagram about what “vent sesh” topic you’d like to see, more than a handful of you mentioned addressing finances, limited resources and stress that comes with purchasing.

Friends, break the cycle of all the physical stuff for the holidays. Let’s be honest: there’s enough stress this time of year just navigating crazy relatives, holiday parties, cooking, what to do with kids vacation days, family and friends visiting, and allllll the things.

Think we could all go on for days about that fun! It’s time we took this one off the list.

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    December 21, 2018 at 7:01 AM

    Thanks for sharing this. That is why i share alot about shopping your closet and items on sale. I have decided to share items i think are a great bargain instead of just because. Although for content sake i do make outfit collages that are shoppable. But i didnt do any holiday gift guides this yesr.i dont get a lot of commissions from them tbh.

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    Shira Rosenbluth
    December 16, 2018 at 3:31 PM

    I love that you wrote this Alyson! So important!

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