Alyson’s Obsessions // September

Happy September, everyone! So crazy to think we’re flying through the month… though I guess it’s mostly hard to believe because here in Florida it’s still about 80ish degrees. I’ve had a whirlwind few weeks getting used to our early back-to-school schedule (FYI, I am not a morning person), a busier work schedule, moving offices and last week I was in Tampa at a women’s business summit. I’m back to it this week and excited to share with you a few things I’m obsessing over as of late. What’s on your list??



Wine Down Wednesday // Have you guys seen my new weekly Facebook video series called Wine Down Wednesday?? I’ve had a blast sharing videos and doing Facebook live as I drink and rant on a variety of topics. Plus, the more I drink the wittier I get (or at least sound in my head!). I’ve loved seeing all your comments and interest in the series — which I’ll soon get to YouTube — but in the interim, pretty please join me on Facebook at 9 pm EST this Wednesday. I personally drink in my bathroom with the door closed to hide from my kids and husband, though you’re welcome to embibe anywhere… pjs encouraged!

Banana Republic’s grey denim // I love that a variety of cuts are popping up this season when it comes to denim: flare, boot, cropped — but when I tried on these grey skinnies at Banana Republic recently, I through caution to the “trends” and went for it! I’ve wanted a great pair of great denim for at least two years and I swear to you these feel like you’re putting on your pjs. I wore them about four times last week, ranging fromsuper casual to pairing it with this silky off-the-shoulder.

Mini tripod with holder // I purchased this handy little tripod for Wine Down Wednesday but you know what it’s equally great for? Facetime! Holding a phone can get tiring, LOL. For $12 it’s a handy problem solver.


Grey’s Anatomy // Yo, I’m not ashamed to admit it. Grey’s Anatomy is coming back for its 74th season (ok, slight exaggeration) this week and I’m candidly totally pumped. I missed Derek a few seasons ago and the show has definitely gone through some mega bumps but the cast this past season had juicy chemistry, and I’m ready to see what Shonda Rimes brings this season.

New York Times article on time v. money // I LOVED reading all of your comments to last week’s post  about creating success in your own terms, and this article a friend shared equally resonated. If given the choice on time or money, which would you choose? Your response indicates your likely level of happiness. Pick wisely.

J. Crew at Nordstrom // Eeks, did you guys see that J. Crew is now available at Nordstrom? I’ve read it’s an opportunity for the brand to grow its reach as sales have been struggling for several years. This most recent catalog marks another welcome feature: affordability and value! I’ve always loved J. Crew but prices in recent years meant I only shopped the sales. Now, how welcome is the under $100 price point on this gorgeous, statement dress? LOVE. Plus, Nordstrom has the best return policy and customer service, so there’s that.


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    September 19, 2016 at 7:27 PM

    Whew I’m not the only one still watching Grey’s Anatomy! Thanks for the heads up on it return! Xo

    Heidi || Wishes & Reality

  • Reply
    September 19, 2016 at 2:05 PM

    The grey denim was a nice choice!
    I’d choose time over money… unless it was a lot of money. But I’d go back to working part time in a heartbeat if I could.

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