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Alyson’s Current Favorites // January 2019

If you’re shocked you’re closing in on the end of January, you are not alone. This month has been a bit of a blur and I’m really working to get my footing to maximize every single day. You might have seen on social media that i made a list of my goals for the year, focusing on everything from going more often to the beach and concerts to seeking out ways to empower and motivate women, and even accepting my body where it is today. We are all a work in progress so every day I strive to just be better than the day before. Not looking to be better than anyone else… just yesterday’s version of me.  Similarly, how good is that quote above? Remember it.

Now to my current favorites for January 2019. By the way, just a heads up since I know there are lots of sales out there, BaubleBar has an extra 20% off on sale jewelry, so they’re starting around $10. If you saw my post last week on hoop earrings, you’d know that this pair would be my favorite… they’re so similar to mine, and about $13 shipped (would make for a fun gal-entines gift to a special bff, too!)! Here are a few things I’ve been loving lately…


Current Favorites:

Set up your iPhone to maximize productivity and focus (read it)

Current Favorites featured by top US life and style blog The Modern Savvy

Have you seen this article floating around the internet about how to set up your iPhone for better productivity, focus and, well, your own sanity? It’s the kind of article you’ll need to bookmark because it’s really long but I started implementing a few of these already and need to keep making my way down the list. If you struggle managing your phone usage — and don’t most of us?! — this article will definitely help set you up for success so you’re not getting triggered and all of a sudden, down a rabbit hole wondering where the last hour went. Seriously, an awesome read.



L’oreal Lash Paradise Mascara (Target, or Amazon)

Current Favorites featured by top US life and style blog The Modern Savvy

You guys know my serious love of It Cosmetics superhero mascara — and I’m still a mega fan — however I always love an amazing drugstore find and you guys — THIS. This Lash Paradise mascara by L’Oreal is the real deal and has more than 2,000 4 and 5 star reviews on Target and Amazon’s web sites… and it’s just under $7!!! I always use a mascara primer (they’re clear or white and coat your lashes, ultimately making your lashes look thicker and longer once you layer on mascara), and the combo is seriously delivering some lashes. I also find I’m using this more day time, and using my It Cosmetics for nights out. If you’re in the market for a new mascara, I highly suggest testing this one out.  I was doing some research and often hear people refer to this as the Better Than Sex mascara dupe. That’s a keeper!


Leapfrog Letter Band Toy (here)

Current Favorites featured by top US life and style blog The Modern Savvy

Our little man is going into Kindergarten next year and while he loves learning, reading books and has a growing vocabulary, he has been a little tough when it comes to talking letters so I couldn’t resist purchasing this fun little Leapfrog toy (impulse Amazon purchase!) when I stumbled across in last month. If your kiddo loves music the way Evan does, they’re going to love this and Evan now has so much fun spelling words like Mommy and Daddy and playing the music on the toy. This would absolutely make an awesome gift, too! We are not crazy about formal learning at such a young age, but we love cultivating his interests and this toy has been such a winner. We highly recommend.


Wedge sneakers (here)

Current Favorites featured by top US life and style blog The Modern Savvy; Image of woman taking a selfie wearing purple sweater.

Every single time I wear these wedge sneaks, women stop me to ask me where they can get them; same happens on Instagram whenever I post an outfit with them on. I realized they’ve oddly never made it into an outfit post since I got them back in October that I had to share them here. They’re seriously the best — they come in a ton of colors though I went for the neutral gray that you can wear year-round and pretty much go with everything (the blush is also beautiful).  If you’re looking for an alternative to gym sneaks and want something cute for running around, definitely go for these. My other shoe VIP? It’s an espadrille that also has great reviews and is available in a ton of colors… I have the tan and am seriously considering adding the white or blush pair to my closet this year.


Nest diffuser in grapefruit (Nordstrom or Amazon)

Current Favorites featured by top US life and style blog The Modern Savvy

OMG, this honestly should be the first thing because I can absolutely say this is the best $48 I’ve spent in a really long time. I know it’s a diffuser that makes my bathroom smell like a pretty grapefruit flavor so of course that sounds dramatic… it’s just how I feel, friends. 🙂 I first smelled this a year ago at a party and loved it so much I creepily took a photo in someone’s bathroom; then I smelled it again at the new Lilly Pulitzer store on Palm Beach (which by the way, is insanely beautiful!), and a day later passed a Nest display at the mall. I went for it and honestly feel such joy when I walk in my bathroom. It’s not overpowering, smells so fresh and happy, looks pretty and lasts for months. A total splurge in the best way!  Find it at Nordstrom or Amazon, and lots of other shops, too.


“Who is” Book Series for Kids (check it out here)

Current Favorites featured by top US life and style blog The Modern Savvy

Sarah mentioned she was getting these “Who is” autobiographies from her school library and was really into them… I love this (and honestly, could probably use a refresher and read a few, too!). Building on her interest, I let her pick a few from Amazon to add to her personal library and we had so much fun selecting a few, all badass women of course. 😉 There’s honestly such a range — notable politicians, athletes, and just people who are changing the world. If you’re looking to treat your little one to some new books, surprise them with a few from this series or have fun letting them pick out a few with you.


Palm Print Bikini, under $30! (here)

Current Favorites featured by top US life and style blog The Modern Savvy

I’m heading to the Dominican at the end of the month (yay!!) so I ordered this under $30 suit on Amazon, seriously just hoping for the best. I sized up to a medium based on reviews and OMG, it’s so stinkin’ cute! I love the wrap around (you wrap it and make a bow in the back) and while the bottom is smaller, it’s not too revealing unlike another suit I received which I swear was designed for a four year old…. I can’t even get over how absurdly tiny it was. I’ll be doing some more Amazon clothing reviews this spring and definitely a bathing suit one because there are so many cute finds… my biggest tips are to read the reviews and check out the photos. In the meanwhile, if you’re planning warm weather travel and you want a fun suit, definitely check this one out. I’ll be sure to share photos on social during my trip, too.

I’m Sorry, TV Show

Current Favorites featured by top US life and style blog The Modern Savvy

I possibly mentioned this show a year or two but seeing as the second season is FINALLY back, I’d be the worst blog friend ever if I didn’t remind you about this gem.  Along with Schitt’s Creek, it’s our favorite comedy right now and is written by the hysterically funny Andrea Savage who stars as as a wife, mom and writer with a wicked sense of humor (slightly immature and insanely funny). Her husband is played by Thomas Everett Scott and they have a daughter Amelia. The show navigates every day life as adults and parents, with so many one liners. Plus, it’s 22-min eps so if you’re looking for something light-hearted before bed… this will be your jam. Trust!

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    January 21, 2019 at 7:09 PM

    Alyson, that bikini is so cute. My friend got one in the same style and it is so flattering. Great value. I’m going to have to watch that tv show as I’m coming off of the “You” Netflix series and I could use a little pick me up.

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    January 21, 2019 at 7:51 AM

    Always love these posts – adding that tv show to our list because we’re always looking for good comedies!

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