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The Truth of Blog Photography (+ Outfit Post)

The truth behind bloggers capturing all their photos

Unless you’re a blogger lucky enough to to have an “Instagram husband” or a bestie insanely talented at photography who doesn’t mind snapping 100 silly photos of you awkwardly posing, capturing photos for a blog can be time consuming, and expensive. A necessary and worthwhile investment, but one not as obvious, easy and quick as many think. I’ve run into people more than a few times surprised to not see me in an outfit that I’m sharing that morning on the blog. If only it were that simple!

So thought I’d take today’s outfit  post to illustrate a little behind-the-scenes because short story long, this exact outfit has fallen victim to the planning process. I usually meet with a photographer, often Alissa of South Moon Photography to capture anywhere between four to six outfits, plus a few other images I can potentially use for Instagram. Between my other job and mom life, it’s the smartest way to curate the content. It’s an insane hour or two, where my car looks like a physical closet exploded, purses and jewelry and shoes are everywhere, I’m sweating like a beast (nothing like getting in and out of your car in 95 degree weather after changing while hiding in your back seat to pretend your smiling, all while thinking you want to rip your clothes off from the heat), and I’ve either inevitably left something home or lost it along the way. So it goes.

Easy summer style, white denim inspiration

The perk of the intense block of time is that I/we now have tons of images I can share with all of you! The downside: you can’t predict brands and when items will sell out. This outfit is the perfect example. I love this adorable tank, and have been so excited to share it with you. On Monday, there were lots of sizes available, Tuesday less, and now, zip. Argh, J. Crew. Bad blogger luck. It’s happen to all of us.

See, I told you that was a short story long! (sorry) But, I did want to share it so you know my process, to let you know that even though I’m capturing lots of looks at once, they’re all looks I’m wearing… which is likely how I’ve thought of them in the first place. I have been known to take an item or two out of the laundry to capture the look. 😉

The truth behind bloggers capturing all their photos redhead and 30-something florida blogger // the modern savvy, a life & style site The truth behind bloggers capturing all their photos, plus white denim weekend inspiration

So there you have it… an easy summer outfit. This tee is sold out but I’m linking to three similar ones below, along with the rest of my look. I should mention that I’m wearing a size 28P jeans and wore them for the first time with this outfit. I’m usually a 27 but often size up when ordering petites. After about five minutes I realized I need a size 27; just a heads up for ordering. These are a great, thick-enough (i.e. no undies showing!) pair of white denim.  Palm tree print tank

Tank: J. Crew (sold out; similar here, here or here)
Denim: J. Crew (wearing size 28P, should have sized down to 27P)
Sandals: Steve Madden (comes in multiple colors)
Ring: BaubleBar (and similar, via Nordstrom sale)
Watch: c/o JORD
Tote: Louis Vuitton

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    Street Glimpse - 360 Virtual Tours
    July 27, 2018 at 8:13 PM

    Great photos and interesting insights on blog photography. I do local 360 photography, but its totally different from your work. Good blogs (like yours) never make me really stop and think about the work behind-the-scenes to get the shot. Great content. Keep it up!

  • Reply
    July 21, 2017 at 6:05 PM

    Oh girl you speak the truth! It’s not so glamorous! Looking adorable as always though-love this tank!

    Heidi || Wishes & Reality

  • Reply
    July 21, 2017 at 3:47 PM

    Sometimes the quick change in the car routine is a necessary evil! In a perfect world, outift photos could happen easily everyday, but that is rarely the case. I know I’m fortunate enough to have a boyfriend, mother, and sister (well, she’s in CA now) who will all oblige me and take my outfit photos. But sometimes I wish I had the money to hire a photographer so I don’t feel guilty about asking for outfit photos to be taken when we are supposed to be out having fun.

  • Reply
    July 19, 2017 at 10:19 AM

    I always appreciate your honesty and I think that everyone who has a life understands that sometimes you just have to marathon it because doing it daily is just too hard! You can’t stop life just for a blog photo!

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