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Lindsay CohenHave you ever wondered what it’s like to be a TV journalist, responsible for documenting your community and the country’s biggest moments like hurricanes, the Super Bowl and more, as well as interview everyone from presidential hopefuls, celebrities, and sports stars to dynamic people during pivotal moments in their lives? Meet Emmy award-winning journalist, Lindsay Cohen, a Seattle-based, 30-something who I have professionally admired for more than a decade and who I have personally adored for equally as long.

We met back in 2005 when she moved to the West Palm Beach area for the local CBS station, though we were destined; we have tons of mutual connections. She’s one of my favorite people who is also an insane news source beyond the camera — whether it’s the best finds at Trader Joe’s, an insane J. Crew steal or a must-read article, this girl has you hooked up. Legit. She is also insanely witty; a very worthy Twitter.

Name: Lindsay Cohen

Position + company: Journalist, KOMO 4 News (ABC Seattle)

… And this means? I’m a field reporter and fill-in anchor. I file reports for our local and national broadcasts each night, and occasionally sit behind the anchor desk. Think… Tom Brokaw. In heels.

Lindsay Cohen
Professionally, I’ve learned that: 

Work-life balance is more crucial than anything else. In my 20s, it was go-go-go, climb the ladder, onward and upward. In my 30s, I’ve realized it’s MORE important for me to be able to kick ass at work, but also to make time for family, friends, weddings, reunions, and the like. You will never get those life moments back. I adopted a shelter mutt last year (named Frank Sinatra!) and he has taught me to make time for others – and myself.

Lindsay Cohen

My go-to beauty products that make me feel like a rock star:

Kiehl’s Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream (for under-eye circles – amazing!); Kiehl’s Super Multi-Corrective Cream (for all-over face); MAC Full Coverage foundation (I use as a concealer for blemishes, highlights, and more); MAC Instant Gold Lipglass. And, of course – sunscreen. All the time (even in Seattle winters).

Lindsay Cohen

The pair of shoes that make me confident I can conquer the day: 

I walk – a lot – carrying lights, tripods, and cameras daily; sometimes uphill (Seattle is really hilly!) and often in the rain. I need practical yet professional shoes. My new green suede Nine West loafers are comfy and have character while also being practical. I love a good pair of booties. And, since I’m in the gym every day before work, I was custom-fitted for running shoes. Nothing makes me feel more confident than throwing down four miles before my first meeting.

Favorite ways to power down and recharge, even just for five minutes:

Turning off my phone and taking a moment to breathe in the day. As a journalist, I have to be connected to the world 24/7 (I have three Facebook accounts, four Twitter handles, three Instagrams, and more). My best vacations are ones where I have no cell service. I obviously can’t do that daily, but I try to take some time each day to put the phone(s) down and take in the natural beauty around me. (It helps that Seattle is stunning!)

Seattle sunrise

Go-to gadgets, apps and old-school techniques that help me get it all done:

I recently bought an Amazon Echo, which is pretty fantastic. When I’m running around in the morning, I’ll ask Alexa to tell me the weather, to play the latest episode of Radiolab, or even to order more coffee for me on Amazon Prime (a huge life-saver!) I’ve also started looking at Pinterest in the mornings for outfit inspiration while I’m blow-drying my hair. Talk about multi-tasking!

In my fridge you’d find:

Tons of veggies! I went (mostly) vegetarian three years (although I still eat fish) and I have never felt better. I eat tons of healthy greens daily (kale, broccoli, avocado), along with fruits (bananas, grapes, berries) and whatever’s in season. Also – soy and almond milk. Delicious and so good for you!

My go-to, can’t fail recipe:

Roasted veggies in a pyrex dish. Drizzled olive oil, fresh ground salt, and a dash of fresh ground pepper. I do this with butternut squash when it’s in season and Brussels sprouts all year round. It works with pretty much everything and it’s so simple and healthy.


Ok, spill… any random tip, DIY, time or money saver that you love telling your friends? 

I never, ever shop online without looking for a discount or coupon first (RetailMeNot is great for that!) I also use a portal to score points before making that purchase (I’ve been a MyPoints member since 1999 – crazy) and redeem those points for gift cards, etc. On the back end, I take photos or forward my receipts to ReceiptPal, which not only keeps track of them but also rewards you for doing it! Three ways to make that new pair of shoes go extra far.

Every woman should be: 

Confident in her own skin. I was always afraid of turning 30 – it sounded so old! – but it has taught me such confidence – in my career, my friendships, relationships and my own life. Never settle. Screw the haters. Life’s too short. Be you. Own it. And never look back.

Lindsay Cohen

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