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Hi! Welcome to The Modern Savvy!

Since its inception in 2010, Florida lifestyle blogger The Modern Savvy has focused on serving up inspiration from a real girl’s perspective on a little bit of everything: style, home, family, career, wellness & relationships. 


And, hey there, I’m Alyson, the founder + voice behind The Modern Savvy (formerly The Average Girl’s Guide). So happy you’re here!

I started The Modern Savvy because I believe we deserve to seek out our own joy, and success, and I also know that each of us are brave, and smart and kind and badass, and significant, and worthy, and capable, and gorgeous, and awesome, and all of the things.

I started this site based on the things I always randomly discuss with my girlfriends, so the goal is that you leave here with the same feeling… like you just had coffee, or a kitchen dance party, with one of your best friends.

Whether it’s what we should wear on Saturday night (or to a kid’s birthday party), why men can’t pick up their socks, about the reality of mom-ing, about a must-try concealer, easy ways to update your home, how the heck to balance it all (spoiler alert: it’s impossible… just embrace the chaos!), or how you can achieve success and joy in your own lives… you’ll find it all here.

And, I created The Modern Savvy to start REAL conversations through the series, Vent Sesh. We should all be more honest with each other, so I’ll start: I talk about seeing a therapist, my weight, some significant health issues, our road to adopt our son, and my father’s death, for example. They’re not easy topics, but they’re important ones… my hope is that we can all feel permission to be open and honest with one another, and feel empowered to seek out our own joy in the process.


A little bit more about this Florida lifestyle blogger:

Currently living: Florida (just north of West Palm Beach)

Lives with: Husband, Adam, and our kiddos, Sarah (my mini me) and Evan

Loves: almond butter, wearing jeans, writing, kitchen dance parties, chocolate, watching Instagram stories, summers by the pool, girls nights out (or in!), testing new restaurants with Adam, traveling, reality TV, anything Trader Joe’s (can you sense a food theme here?), coffee, embracing chaos, working out, volunteering, sushi, and ordering from Amazon Prime.

Favorite color: bright pink

Sports team: Florida Gators

Goal lunch date: Oprah

Other job: owns the public relations/media firm, The SBS Agency, focused on clients in the nonprofits, hospitality & tourism industries


Sound like we’d be IRL friends? I hope so!

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