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The Best Deals from the 2021 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Wow, it’s been a while since my last blog post — I must confess I have about a dozen half written blog posts that I’m determined to share with you — however I wanted to make sure I shared my favorite finds in the Nordstrom Anniversary sale for 2021.

2021 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Before I jump into my picks, though you can scroll down and I promise I won’t be offended, I want to mention one thing. I have seen countless bloggers refer to “shopping strategy”, getting a credit card to ensure items you want are in stock, and all sorts of scare tactics to make you need things. You likely need none of these things, and I hate when content forcefully encourages buying, sometimes beyond our means. There are quite a few great deals, particularly on items I’ve had and loved for years like the Spanx leggings and anything Barefoot Dreams (the softest things ever; the socks would be such a good holiday/random treat gift), yet nothing is a “must.” Ignore anyone or any content that makes you want in a not good way.

Ok, now that I got that off my chest, let’s do this. A heads up, Nordstrom does have free shipping and returns, with no minimum, which is a huge part of why I love to shop there, beyond the selection. Here’s the timeline for when you can shop the sale:

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale by popular Florida life and style blog, The Modern Savvy: image of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale access dates.

I do love this sale also because it’s right before back to school so I will definitely get my kids new sneakers, always get my daughter this underwear (and it’s a considerable savings!), some new clothes, etc. Budget permitting, do get this $25 cozy oversized blanket/throw, which yes, I have in various colors in every single room and makes us all so happy! Here are some of the items I just shared:

There’s also some really fantastic inexpensive jewelry — think this, this or this — and I am absolutely getting one or two of these bralettes, which I keep hearing rave reviews, along with two sets of Bombas socks — the no show, and then these ankle cushioned pairs for running. These for me are essentials so all about getting them for less.

For the men, we’d always get a pair of two of these AG pants for Adam; they’re seriously the best. And, there are a lot of beauty buys. I need to look more closely however this sunscreen is the best and the price makes it like getting one free (which I’ve never seen!), and I will be trying this; I’ve been hearing about this brand (and these products in particular) for nearly a year so the price makes it worth it. Two items I’d easily use.

When it comes to more fashion finds, these heels are so good, and this dress? Classic. Or, hello — the look-for-less version of the cult “nap dress” everyone is talking about at under $50. Ordering the black ASAP. For fall/winter, this dress is so cool, and I can see myself wearing the heck out of these joggers, which you can totally work out in too. On the workout front, I’m really eying two sets — this bra and leggings, and this bra and bike shorts (wear these with an oversized tee/sweatshirt and sneakers, too!). I love both of these brands so much; I actually have this bra in navy from the sale two years ago and I always get asked about it. The fit is so flattering and comfortable.

Hope this was helpful! Anything specific you’re shopping for? Always grateful for when you shop through my post; it costs you zero but I may make a small commission on your purchases.


What are you planning to buy during this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? Let me know in a comment below!

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