My Favorite Recent Amazon Purchases

As most of you can probably relate, Amazon purchases around here have basically hit an all-time high! I realized I haven’t shared my buys in a while and there’s been quite a few really great ones. I’m also super curious if you’ve been scoring any good random finds. Definitely include them here in the comments or on social media. I sometimes wind up in a rabbit hole and can’t even believe what exists? That happen to anyone else?

My recent Amazon purchases are everything from books for the kiddos to random things for the home and kitchen and fun stylish finds and super budget-friendly swim suits, etc. I also keep my Amazon shop page here updated and it’s categorized for helping navigating and shopping.

So here’s what I’ve been buying on Amazon this spring and summer:


Garden of Life Probiotic: been taking for three months and has majorly helped my gut health and constipation, some chronic yeast infections and other really glamorous things. This one is excellent and doesn’t need to be refrigerated so I can keep it in my nightstand to take each morning.

Coconut oil facial scrub: the best, best deal at under $7 on Amazon Prime! Get ready for your face to feel so insanely clean and smooth. I use 2-3 times per week, max. And check out those reviews, they speak for themselves.

Dr. Teal’s bubble bath: I was on the hunt for a budget-friendly calming bubble bath and this stuff at under $5-$7 is a homerun! It’s a huge bottle, bubbles up really well, is calming and I don’t panic if one of my kiddos uses it too (anyone else freak when a family member pours half a container of some pricey beauty product out?!).


Tool kit with electric screwdriver: when I moved into my new place, I basically had a hammer and a handful of those free L wrenches that come with IKEA and Target furniture. I resisted the silly pink cheapy kits (seriously, why are there female tool kits and why are they so junky?!) and went for this pretty badass option that I know I’ll have for years. I also picked up this laser level, which has a thousands of five-star reviews.

C-Table: the freaking handiest, best little table… and I scored it for around $45! This is that handy little table that can slide under your couch — I sometimes eat dinner here or morning cup of coffee, Evan loves his popcorn here for snacks, and Sarah her smoothies. It’s so handy! I wanted a streamlined solid black so went this budget route. Took only a few minutes to assemble.

Veggetti spiralizer: I used to have one of those HUGE spiralizers and while awesome, it was another big device that I never used because it was big, and a hassle to clean. I’ve only used it for zucchini so far but it’s super easy to use and doesn’t take up much space.

Collapsible colander: my mom almost freaked when we pushed it down, it was so hysterical! How annoying are colanders from a space perspective though, right? This is perfect and easily stores next to my cutting boards.

Mattress pad: I have one of these on every single mattress! They’re super soft (so no plasticy feeling or sound), inexpensive and save your mattress from basically everything, whether that’s accidents, spills, life, lol.


Lace midi dress: so stinkin’ gorgeous, right? This pale pink eyelet dress is around $42 and easily looks three times the price. It’s lined, has the prettiest details and is also really comfortable. Dress it down with flat sandals or fancy it up with a pair of wedges, I’d likely do a pale gold.

Heart initial necklace: I found thanks thanks to another blogger and I’ve been wearing it constantly. Love the initial detail and it’s just $12. Also, wouldn’t this make a really sweet surprise gift to a friend or family member you’re missing?

Sports bra and leggings: you’ve likely seen me rave about these pieces, which you can purchase separately. I love wearing them as a coordinating set but they’re equally cute with anything else you own. The sports bra is supportive with a higher neckline, and the leggings have great compression and a higher waist, which I prefer.

Tie dye hat: I can’t believe I’m becoming a hat person (I swear I have an awkwardly large head), however thanks to Covid — and running — I’m rarely doing my hair and a stylish $12 hat is just the solution! This hat comes in a ton of prints and solids though I’m a sucker for these fun tie dye, which looks just as good with my workout clothes as it does with a tee and jeans, or a swimsuit.


Untamed by Glennon Doyle: this book, holy cow this book! So many of you have shared your love of it, and I GET IT. If you haven’t purchased it, please do. It’s like she’s speaking to my soul, saying things I half knew, half didn’t and 200 percent needed to hear. If you’re not a big reader or super into personal growth books, I love her honesty, transparency… and that the chapters are all 2-5 pages long! It’s really easy to crank though. I’ve taken so many photos of phrases.

Phone case: so I recently got the tie-dye version of this cutie, currently sold out, though this rainbow is actually a way more versatile through the summer and heading into the fall. The case is about $12 and also comes in quite a fun cool prints.

Retro gemstone calculator: file this under not-at-all-needed yet so 90s girl fun and actually fairly handy! In truth, I bought this for Sarah but I’ve kept it at my desk because it just makes me so happy and another way to keep me from opening my phone to pull up the calculator.

iPhone remote: holy cow, $7 game changer! I already had a mini tripod otherwise I’d suggest this tripod/remote duo, however blog life / mom life here have always struggled to take photos of myself or fun ones with the kiddos… problem solved. For example, I took this photo! Just one of those handy little things to have around.

Drawer divider: why the heck did it take me so long to purchase? My dresser drawers are so deep that my drawers often became a mess… then socks would be in the bra zone, etc. I bought two sets of these and it instantly brought me so much joy.


Whoosh!: Evan’s favorite new book! We have been looking for books with greater diversity in characters (ever notice how white even the characters in kids books are?)… in addition to talking about race, it’s important to simply have books, to watch TV shows, etc with POC. Woosh! is a little longer (parent warning, lol) however it’s a great book about an inventor… Evan requests it every night.

I Can Do Hard Things: more mantra / affirmations book than story book, I just love the messages in here. We are all about doing hard things, and this book has so many great insights. And again, the illustrations are inclusive and on point.

Melatonin Kids Gummies: no judgement zone here, right? Right. Evan would have the hardest time going to bed — he’d be in and out of his room, 19 trips to the bathroom, you parents know the game. Welp, we tried one of these gummies and it instantly changed the game. We give him one (his “dessert gummy!”) about 30 minutes before bed and it really helps calm him.

Night lights: perfect for the kids, and any room in your house. These come in a set of two, can be easily set to different colors and aren’t bold or distracting, perfect for both Evan and Sarah’s rooms. Can see it being great for a dark hallway, etc.

Mist N’ Sip Water Bottle: have you guys seen these?! They’re a water bottle… and mister! And unlike most water bottles that will set you back $20+, these are around $12!! They come in dozens of prints, themes, sports (here) and the KIDS love them. Heck, I love it too! Also love that it has that handy little finger holder.

And, as a reminder these and all of my other Amazon buys in style, home, workout, beach, kiddos, etc are all organized in my Amazon shop page.

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    Kimberly Smith
    July 10, 2020 at 9:59 AM

    Love seeing all your finds – that maxi dress is gorgeous!!

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