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Fun, Thoughtful Gifts from Amazon that will Arrive Before the Holidays

The crunch is on my friends! If you haven’t finished your gift ordering the time is here. This is definitely one of those moments when I’m personally grateful Hanukkah is late this year…. and there are eight days to get my stuff together! If you’re still looking for a perfect gift or maybe a little extra something for a co-worker, a bestie, for a stocking, etc., here are 20+ thoughtful gifts from Amazon Prime that will arrive before the holidays.

That said, definitely please check delivery dates; availability sometimes changes, which in turn of course impacts delivery dates. We either have a lot of the item featured, have gifted them or they have seriously rave reviews… so you’re really upping your chances for success here my friend.

And no matter what gift you give, remember the best, best, best gift you can give is your time, your love, your words, and your presence. Seriously: no budget, no problem. I see so many people stressing in FB groups about spending money they don’t have. It’s simple: people who love you don’t want you to go into debt for a gift.

Ok, off my soap box… just can’t help myself sometimes!

Here are some unique, fun and thoughtful gift ideas at all price points on Amazon that will arrive before the holidays.

Thoughtful Gifts from Amazon

So, have all your gifts covered? And I know when it comes to blog posts some of you prefer looking through a big graphical collage but I must confess this took me approx 2-4 less hours (truth!) so hope this is an OK alternative from time to time. Let me know though; I always want to be sure I’m delivering content in a way that’s most helpful to you.

Happy holidays my friends. So incredibly grateful for you, that you check in with me and my family, that you take time out of your days to read my blog and content, and that you support my small business when you shop through my links. It makes a difference in my world…. thank you!

What are your favorite thoughtful gifts from Amazon? Let me know in a comment below!

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