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Alyson’s Favorites // August 2019

Happy August and holy cow we are more than half way done with 2019. I can’t think about 2020 and am candidly not even prepared for September. Anyone else feel the same? Kids are back in school (Evan started kindergarten and Sarah’s in 4th grade!), both had strep last week and despite my desire to get back to blogging 2-3 times weekly I keep getting halted at every step. Have any topics you want me to cover? Email them to me, message me on social media, comment here… I’d love it.

I know anyone in Florida has hurricane on the brain however wanted to crank this out for those interested in a little distraction. 🙂

As for favorites, even though it’s about 900 degrees with 120 percent humidity in Florida I must confess I’m thinking about Fall. I can’t help it because I love it so much. I just need November weather STAT. In the interim, let me share with you a few things I’m loving, and if you missed July’s favorites definitely check it out here too, because those sunglasses and that razor are not worth missing – you guys have been loving them, too (analytics make me so happy)!


I recently ran out of both my face and body exfoliator and while I love them (this body scrub and facial micro scrub), I used it as an opportunity to make an impulse Target purchase to test some new ones — after standing in the aisles reading tons of online reviews! — and I have to say friends, they’re both sooooo good.

Soap & Glory’s “The Scrub of your Lifehas made the back of my arms and elbows noticeably softer (and has already faded some red spots), plus it smells amazing and is only about $11 for that sizeable bottle. I really like how it lathers up and has a great texture without being abrasive.

Bliss’ “Micro Magic” is another awesome find, this time if you’re looking for a solid facial exfoliator/scrub. Don’t use the same on your face and body, as most body scrubs are too strong for your facial skin. This one is delicate yet effective to remove that dead layer of skin and dull appearance. I rub it in circular motions in the shower for about 60 seconds for a really deep clean, and smoother skin texture. Can’t beat it for a drugstore exfoliator!


I’m going to mention Abercrombie denim one more time and please do not dismiss me yet my friends. It’s quickly become my favorite. Abercombie denim and the rest of the store is pretty much 50 percent off (including girls, where I find SO many good things for Sarah — most mamas don’t know about it!).

I’m obsessed with Abercrombie denim for a few reasons: quality fit, so many styles / colors / shapes, great price point (under $80 regularly, and you can often find 40-50% off if you’re patient), and unlike a lot of less expensive brands the tush pockets don’t have any giveaway detail or seam so they have that designer look. I wouldn’t buy crappy cheap jeans just to look designer but I have to confess I don’t love American Eagle or Express denim for this sole reason, even though the fit is good.

I just purchased this pair, above, and I’m SO obsessed — such a good wash, distress, higher rise, etc — and I have this black pair in my cart. I loooooveee black denim, and this pair will for sure be on a regular rotation. My other favorites: this, this and this. For sizing, I find the brand generally runs TTS.

OUTFIT: Lilly Pulitzer pullover (SO soft!) // Denim // J. Crew Factory Flats (half-off)


This book. If you haven’t read this book with your kiddos, it’s one of those worth immediately ordering. We heard it as the Rise women’s motivational conference and it resonated as much with 7,000 women as I promise it will with you and your children. It’s all about failure and the message that failure is ok… it means you’ve tried so the ONLY failure is the one where you quit. Celebrate the failure because it means you’re heading somewhere. Seriously, it’s such a good message wrapped in a cute children’s book.


Anyone also lovingly follow/stalk people, brands, etc on Instagram? Well that was me with The Gibson Collective, this beautiful jewelry company where I was instantly obsessed with their beaded bracelets. You can wear them on their own, stacked with each other, with other bracelets, etc and they look good in ALL the ways. Best of all: they’re 14K gold FILLED not PLATED, meaning you can get them wet — shower, gym, etc — and they will not tarnish. Trust me. I’ve been wearing mine basically non-stop except to sleep and they look like perfection. The owner XX graciously sent me the beautiful rose gold pieces above but I’m honestly so game for building my stack because the quality / price point is so there. I also just saw some ones with rainbow beads mixed in on on her Instagram (here) and holy cow, mama needs, lol. Aren’t they beautiful and just the perfect everyday jewelry? You’ve likely seen me wearing them constantly on Instagram and as a special gift to TMS readers, you can get 10 percent off your order with code MODERN at check out.


Palm Beach County’s restaurant month, Flavor Palm Beach, kicks off in just a few days and runs the entire month of September with amazing three-course lunch and dinner specials throughout the entire county. There are so many amazing restaurants included — ones where you’d spend the same amount on your entree as you can now for the three courses. Check out the web site and list of participating restaurants. We always try to hit up as many as possible. A few worth noting: The Colony Hotel, Sant Ambroeus, Capital Grill, Cafe Chardonnay, Kitchen, and Sinclair’s.


There are definitely a few killer sales happening right now, assuming you’re not in major hurricane prep mode. A few worth noting:

Abercrombie: mentioned it above but definitely, definitely check it out for yourself and any little girls in your life. The denim, and just random tops, dresses, etc that I consistently get complimented on. Trust.

Aerie: my favorite spot to buy affordable bralettes and all things cozy! Bras are 50% off, and then it’s 40 percent off the rest of the store (it’s a division of American Eagle). How beautiful are some of the bras and bralettes??

J. Crew Factory: Always one of my spots for the entire family! Your favorite leopard flats that I’ve had at least 3-4 years are now $50, and I’m also SO obsessed with these scalloped flats under $50 that are the best dupes for the $500 Chloe flats I’ve seen yet. They’re also one of the best spots for fun tees & sweatshirts you can dress up or down, plus a few more favorites: this, this and this.

Nordstrom: Not sure if they’re calling it a “labor day sale” but I’m seeing awesome new mark-downs on so many items, including my other go-to jeans… the exposed button Madewell denim that you guys also loved during the Anniversary Sale! They’re not 40% off; get em, and just size down one. You can find all NEW markdowns here, and FYI they price match most J. Crew, which currently has 40 percent off. I don’t have a J. Crew close by and Nordstrom’s return policy is the best so I always purchase here when possible.

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    Kimberly Smith
    August 30, 2019 at 9:14 AM

    Those bracelets are so pretty – love the stackability of them & they look so well-made!

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    August 30, 2019 at 8:15 AM

    I always enjoy posts on how to wear one item multiple ways. Packing capsule wardrobes are fun too. Stay safe from Dorian! We’re in NC and have had our share of hurricanes. Hoping it doesn’t come up the coast!

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