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OMG: 2020 is in six months

Read that headline again.

Yup, the year TWENTY <freaking> TWENTY is in six months.

Wait, wasn’t it 1970 about 30 years ago?

Let this all sink in for a minute.

Now here’s the tough part. Answer this: Are you where you want to be? Are you heading toward that life you envision for yourself?

I know, it’s a really big question.

Pause. Breathe. Be honest with yourself.

It’s likely that part of you feels like you’re exactly where you are meant to be. But what about the rest of you? That part of you that feels made for more?

Right now, you have about ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-ish days to move toward the woman you want to become.

One hundred and eighty days to be honest with yourself, your goals, your dreams, the passion for that fire in your stomach that you might be trying to put out — or worse, letting others put out!

Instead, you have 180 days to determine the direction you want to go and start creating a road map to get there.

Let’s be honest. This might be a really crappy year for you. Or maybe the last few were and you’re still recovering.

There’s something really impressive in sitting in stillness, reflecting, grieving, honoring, all of it. Don’t diminish a lack of forward motion if stillness is what your life needs right now.

But are you a woman who has been standing still for too long? Have you gotten comfortable? Or, are you scared? Scared of trying, of failing, of not even knowing where to start?

Look, a large part of me still feels like it’s 1999 and we’re all dancing to Britney Spears, TLC and Eminem all, err, very legally downloaded on Napster via an offensively slow internet connection.

If you’re reading this, you’re likely an adult, likely a woman who has prioritized her family and work and Amazon Prime orders and nine million more responsibilities before herself.

No longer. All of that shouldn’t come at the expense of you.

Your biggest fans want to support the dreams you have for yourself.

They want to stand in your light. LET THEM.

That might mean starting a business or leaving one that makes you miserable. It might mean writing a book (just start writing), finally registering for that yoga class, buying what you need to start candle making or ceramics, or getting certified in an area you’re passionate about.

You’re first attempt at any of these things might be really bad, sort of ugly and messy and potentially a failure. That’s OK. It will get better each time.

I wanted to take a hip hop class for yearrrsss but always had an excuse. Now, at 39 years old, I am finally doing it. I’m sort of horrible and choreographed routines are clearly not my strong suit, but guys, it lights my soul on fire.

You deserve to add moments to your life that bring you that amount of joy. You are worthy.

Only you can determine where you want your life to take you. It’s your life…. you are the only one who needs to approve it, to be happy with it, and at peace with it.

Are you?

It’s June 2019 and if you feel sidetracked, you’re not the only one. I totally got sidetracked from my big goals for this year, amidst a million other priorities that took temporary precedence.

But now, it’s my turn. And, I pray it’s yours.

Write down what you want, start mapping out the steps that will take you there, add it to your calendar, don’t break plans on yourself, and give yourself deadlines. Just like we teach our kids: put one foot in front of the other. And just like our kids, if you fall, get back up. You’re more resilient than you know… it’s time you reminded yourself that.

Soon enough, you’ll be so proud of the woman forging her way into 2020.

photo credit: Erica Dunhill

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    Kimberly Smith
    June 20, 2019 at 7:28 AM

    Not gonna lie – this post title stopped me in my tracks, but I think I definitely needed this reminder. My India trip is a big part of me deciding to do something I’m passionate about, even if it means going totally outside my comfort zone. So scary, but I know it’s going to be a life-changing experience!

    • Reply
      July 12, 2019 at 9:36 AM

      I’m SO excited for your journey and following your passion!!

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