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Favorite podcasts -- motivational, inspirational & definitely fun // the modern savvy

Podcasts… it seems people are either obsessed, or have no earthly idea about them, why you’d listen and what you’d listen to. Until about six months ago I mostly heard about shows like Serial and This American Life and wasn’t super interested.  I don’t remember which podcast got me started but it’s been about six months and I’m totally hooked. Thought it would be fun to share with you my picks for best podcasts, plus some intel if you’re new to the podcast realm.

How to get started listening to podcasts

First, it’s free… yay! I like free entertainment! Listen on your podcast app… mine was pre-loaded on my iPhone (easy enough!). And, you can listen at any speed; I typically listen to most at 1 1/2.

Plus, as I’ll get to below, because most podcast episodes are independent of each other you can jump around based on the topic or interview subject.

With what time?!

If you’re ever in your car or running errands, you have time for a podcast. Oh, and I can attest that extensive waits at the doctor office will become insanely more manageable as well. 😉 I listen with my airpods and when I’m sitting around, in Trader Joe’s or Target, etc., no one even notices.

I haven’t delved into podcasts for kiddos but I hear there are some awesome ones; here’s an article to some of the best.

Types of podcasts

With the exception of podcasts that are shows (without video), many are interviews or one or two hosts chatting on any topic. For example, Forever 35 covers favorite beauty products along with a bit of everything while Bitch Sesh gives you a Real Housewives breakdown and Bad on Paper is about bad books and good advice (by Grace of The Stripe and her bestie). There’s the goop podcast and a New York Times podcast for all your news, plus lots of motivation, business development and health and wellness talk.

I love the ones mentioned above and select episodes from other podcasts. For example, I rarely listen to Tony Robbins, but the Sept. 12 episode about how the answer to one question will help you completely understand things you do is life changing. Seriously. Life changing. Stop what you’re doing and listen.

My pick for the 5 best podcasts… for now

How I Built This: This podcast on NPR and led by Guy Raz is an incredibly insightful, interesting and fun look at the stories behind some of the world’s best companies. Guy interviews innovators and entrepreneurs about how they created and grew their companies… think Rent the Runway, DryBar, Method soap, Instagram, Airbnb, Steve Madden, Bobbi Brown & many more. I think Adam, would love this one, too.

The Goal Digger Podcast: led by Jenna Kutcher, it’s the perfect podcast for anyone looking to build or grow a business, including how to turn your passion into profit. I love that each episode has tangible information and insight. With nearly 200 episodes, you’ll absolutely find ones to help you change the way you do business. Plus, Jenna’s awesome, self-made, and I love following her on Instagram. She’s a photographer, highlights body acceptance and after opening up about infertility, is expecting her first baby this winter.

Rise: led by our girl Rachel Hollis (you know, the one who wrote Girl, Wash Your Face), her podcast continues in her book’s motivational footsteps with lots of inspiration. I don’t listen to the episodes where she reads her book chapters but the rest are fantastic. She also has a popular podcast with her husband called Rise Together.

The Armchair Expert: for more lighthearted listening, I am obsessed with The Armchair Expert by Dax Shepard. He interviews some seriously awesome people — his wife Kristen and his mom, Laura (July 1 ep) are must listens — and I loved episodes with Amy Shumer, Seth Rogen, Ellen DeGeneres, and more. Dax loves how people think, will ask all the questions and I love at the end how he and his co-host do “fact check” where they go back, reflect on the episode and literally call our errors.

Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations: since my desk has a sign that says, “What Would Oprah Do?” I couldn’t have a podcast listen without my dream girl. I haven’t listened to every episode but she brings on incredible thought-leaders who really help you connect with yourself in an honest, meaningful way. I’ve learned so much about myself… definitely one of those podcasts that dig deep. Worth a listen!


Are you into podcasts?? I’d love if you share any recommendations in the comments section below, and save or pin this post using this image here.

Loving this best podcasts feature? Take a look here for more of my life favorites!

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    Alyson's Current Favorites // May 2019 | THE MODERN SAVVY
    May 31, 2019 at 2:49 PM

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  • Reply
    November 12, 2018 at 2:29 AM

    They all sound really interesting dear, especially Goal Digger, and Rise. Gotta check these out. Thanks for sharing!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  • Reply
    November 6, 2018 at 9:40 AM

    I LOVE podcasts!! Armchair Expert is one of my faves. My other favorites right now are Why Mommy Drinks (great, hilarious parent stories! I love the moms who host it, they are real and end every episode with telling each other “They are doing a great job”. Slow burn is amazing too, season 1 looks at Watergate and season 2 is about Clinton’s impeachment. Fresh air with Terry Gross is always great and Ali on the Run (super inspirational guests).

  • Reply
    Kimberly Smith
    November 6, 2018 at 7:20 AM

    You have inspired me to start listening to them more! Can you remind me of the one you told me about that was saying that everything we do is about trying to please an adult from our childhood? Very intrigued by that!

  • Reply
    November 6, 2018 at 6:16 AM

    I LOVE How I Built This. I also like the short form podcasts that tell a confined story, like Dirty John and Dr. Death. Sorta Awesome is GREAT. The Popcaste with Knox and Jamie is a lot of fun too. They also have a second podcast called The Bible
    Binge which straddles the line between Religion and Pop culture.

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