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As I’ve shared the last few weeks here and on social media about invisible illnesses and grief about losing my dad nearly three years ago,  it resonated.

The point is never to be sad or negative, rather quite the opposite. Until we break down these walls, own our past and our emotions, we’ll never be able to fully move forward. And, it’s OK to be vulnerable. There’s a lot more than meets the eye.

To say I have been overwhelmed with messages of support and similar stories from this community, this #savvysquad, is an understatement.

Women who lost their dad last month or 20 years ago and have great days, and pangs of sudden grief nearly too much to handle. Women who are doing their best while silently struggling with depression, anxiety, MS or something else that no one sees but impacts their every day.

And, there are other women who have humbled me with comments about doing more for themselves, starting new businesses, going to therapy (I’m going today!), and finding a newfound motivation to reach for their best and live the lives they know they deserve.

You have left me with tears of inspiration, motivation and purpose with words about how if I can do it after being paralyzed, after getting fired and dealing with daily medical stuff, you know you can fight through what you are going through, too. It doesn’t mean every day is easy, but it means you have found a confidence and a reminder that you are capable. You are right.

This is why I speak up.

I’m not alone but far too few of us share this deeply human side. Beyond the real smiles and happiness there is stuff, sometimes hard stuff.

Here’s the thing — I don’t have all the answers but I do know we are a community of phenomenal, powerful and kind women here at The Modern Savvy who can support each other.

I really, really, really want to encourage you on social media to use #savvysquad if you share… whether you are having a vulnerable moment, a vent sesh or are incredibly proud of a recent victory and you’d like a tribe to share it with you. I’d love for us to find, connect and support each other in the way you all have supported me. It’s something small that I am confident can have a big impact.

Let’s use it to lift each other up, or simply use the hashtag if you need to be lifted.  We are here and I hope each of us can take an extra minute or two out of our day to like, comment and send love, support and hugs to another woman who needs it.

You can also join our Savvy Squad on Facebook where we talk about everything from our favorite new concealer to seeing a counselor. It’s a really fun place!

These steps are only the beginning — I’d LOVE if you share with me any other ideas — because this site and this community is way more than style. I’ll always love sharing that, but I have this deep feeling (literally a fire in my belly) that we can do more here. So we need to start somewhere. And, today.

You all have lifted me during some really tough times, and lifted me even higher during the great moments as well. Thank you. I know this community is strong enough to support each other too. ❤️

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