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Apple Airpods Review

I kept hearing people say they loved their Apple Airpods but I just couldn’t bite the bullet, even though I’m a girl with her iPhone right next to me typing this on my Macbook. Obviously I like my Apple devices. I just couldn’t get past the fact that I thought they looked lame, I knew I’d lose them, and well, why do I need to spend $150 on earbuds? Welp, I’ve now had a pair for a month, am seriously obsessed so I wanted to give you an honest Apple Airpods review.

To quickly backtrack, I was previously using the headphones that came with my phone but when they tragically broke right before my anniversary in August. I told Adam that I wanted Airpods and I’ve been using them nonstop for about a month. I did a quick Instagram poll stories to see if you’d like a review, and more than 85 percent of you said yes. So here goes!

The short answer: I seriously love my Apple Airpods! They’re honestly magical.

Apple Airpods review: Let’s dig in why I love them.

NO CORD. OMG, game changer. You don’t realize how awesome it is to not have a cord all in your business until well, you don’t have a cord all in your business. This is particularly awesome  at the gym; whether I’m on the recumbent bike, doing weights or anything else, there’s no cord in the way, which also means you can leave your phone by your bag or in the workout machine without having the  cord get tangled. I’ve even gone to the bathroom 50 feet away and my music still plays!

Apple Airpods Review featured by popular Florida life and style blogger The Modern Savvy

GREAT BATTERY LIFE. I use my AirPods multiple times per week (so at least 5-7 hours?!) and I’ve only charged the case twice! The pods come with this cool charging case so after the gym, I put them in the case and before you know it, they’re back to 100 percent battery life. You can charge the case regularly but it’s not even necessary.

 #tech #appleproducts | Apple Airpods Review featured by popular Florida life and style blogger The Modern Savvy

THEY STAY PUT. I swear to if you if they haven’t fall out of my ears or I haven’t lost them, you’re safe. This was Adam’s first question (confession: I lost my AMEX three times in one week this summer — in my defense, it’s clear!). I’ve also had a really tough time with earbuds staying put and even running on a treadmill, the Airpods don’t move! And, I keep them in their case inside a zippered pouch my tote and I haven’t had an issue.

AWESOME SOUND QUALITY. I’ve listened to lengthly podcasts, had phone calls, and worked out with noise and people talking around me and through everything, the sound quality has been excellent.

EASILY SYNC WITH YOUR DEVICES: As soon as I take them out of the case, my phone knows! It’s amazing; they seamlessly sync within seconds, and give this little ring/chime when you put them in your ears. When you take them, or one out, your phone knows to stop. You can then tap them once if you want them to start playing again. I also use this feature when I’m out and about; give a quick tap and my music or podcast immediately pauses if I start speaking to someone.


I honestly want to nerd out with how much I love them. And, this is from a girl who was SO against them. I wish this was an Apple sponsored post but it’s definitely not. I honestly was such a hold out and didn’t get the hype,  and I can’t believe I waited this long. I also find myself popping them in waiting at a doctor’s office or walking around Trader Joe’s, the mall, etc; it’s nice not to have this dangly cord in my way, and, I find myself listening to a lot more podcasts and music.

Where to buy: Get them on Amazon via Apple for about $15 less than the Apple web site or store; I also have them in my Amazon Shop so you can easily reference them, and all my favorite Amazon purchases in one convenient location. I do make a small commission on any items purchased (it’s how I pay the bills 😉 ), and am always incredibly grateful when you shop through my page!

Apple Airpods Review featured by popular Florida life and style blogger The Modern Savvy
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    September 24, 2018 at 7:42 PM

    SAME all of this! I was initially “meh I don’t need those” and now I will tell anyone who will listen how much I love them.

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    LeeAnn Roberts
    September 24, 2018 at 7:03 AM

    I’ve been trying to decide if these are worth the money! This was a great review- thank you! The AirPods are designedly going on my Christmas Wish List now!

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      LeeAnn Roberts
      September 24, 2018 at 7:05 AM

      “Definitely” going on my Christmas Wish List…. Darn Autocorrect!!

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