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My Nighttime Routine

Mom's nighttime routine featuring the new Avon lash serum to naturally grow lashes

Getting older requires work… and sleep! I must confess that I used to be the girl in her 20s who didn’t always take care of her skin, really think about my beauty regimen besides basic makeup, or practice any self care.

While my 20s might have been blissful ignorance, my 30s are just exhausted insanity, particularly when it came to my nighttime routine. For a while, I was so wiped after a full day working, the kiddos “witching hours” from 5-8 pm (activities, dinner, homework, bath, books, bed) that I’d be a barely functioning human who would pass out in front of a television with some housewife on the screen. Not healthy.

This summer I refocused and wanted to share you with a much healthier nighttime routine that has been giving me some much-needed results. I’m also so excited to be partnering with Avon on this post, as I’ve been testing out its brand new lash serum & mascara duo (serum at night, mascara during the day!) that has been a favorite part of my revamped beauty and self-care routine.

Here’s my nighttime routine, and how it can hopefully help you as well:


I was telling a friend months ago about my evening exhaustion and she told me she does most of her evening skincare routine by 7 pm. Umm, why did I never think of this?! Whenever possible, I now wash my face, use any serums, hydrating or clarifying masks, and eye moisturizer, way earlier. No more waiting until right before bed when I’m way too wiped to do a 10-15 minute routine. I find myself enjoying it way more as well. Do it while the kids are doing homework or having a few minutes of screen time. Plus, if you do this after dinner, brush your teeth, too… will prevent any late-night mindless snacking!

Master Bathroom with DIY blue cabinets and gold hardware | Avon | My Nighttime Routine featured by popular Florida life and style blogger The Modern Savvy


I really require a solid 8-9 hours, while Adam only needs 6-7. It’s tough because I often find myself staying up to spend time with him, and then inevitably pay for it the next day in exhaustion… and a pricey afternoon flat white. Be honest with your sleep needs, and talk about it with your partner. Adam and I have decided lights off by 10:30 pm (a good balance; he often winds up reading the news on his iPad for a bit after I’ve gone to sleep).



I know experts say no electronic devices before bed. If you have trouble falling asleep, I’d suggest to definitely adhere to that. We often watch some TV show before bed (obsessed with Schitt’s Creek and currently watching Younger & binging Bold Type; more binge-worthy TV shows here), but I’ve been so proud that I’ve been reading so much more as well. I’ve recently read Girl Wash Your FaceHating Game, Marriage Vacation & The Kiss Quotient (I suggest them in this order), and am about to crack open When Life Gives You Lululemons. Consider reading, journaling, starting a gratitude journal, meditating (Headspace is a great app), take a bath, make a to-do list for tomorrow… whatever helps you wind down and calm your brain.

Master Bedroom reading When Life Gives You Lululemons | Avon | My Nighttime Routine featured by popular Florida life and style blogger The Modern Savvy


My last yet favorite step before bed! You know I previously used a lash serum I loved… I was seeing longer lashes but it was too pricey so I’ve been looking for an alternative. By the way, I’m really not into lash extensions… they’re terrible for your lashes and require such extensive time and financial upkeep — no thanks. I’m all about naturally yet dramatically lengthening what my mama gave me.

Because I was already looking for a lash serum, I was thrilled when Avon reached out to test its new lash boosting duo: the Anew Clinical Unlimited Lashes Serum and Love at 1st Lash Mascara. This power beauty couple is an AM/PM routine and gives a double dose of love to nourish, strengthen and visibly lengthen lashes. It’s been about three weeks and I’m starting to see results… I’ll be following up with you in about six weeks to show you the  final progress (very excited!). Plus, I just got smart and starting swiping it on my brows… would be such a bonus to see a boost on my sparse ends as well.

Nightstand details #masterbedroom #girlsroom | Avon | My Nighttime Routine featured by popular Florida life and style blogger The Modern Savvy

What I do: Right before bed, I swipe on a thin coat of the serum on the root of my lashes… think like applying a liquid eyeliner. I keep on my nightstand for quick access. It’s formulated with a peptide blend and botanicals known to stimulate hair growth and thicker, fuller looking lashes in weeks. One dip into the vial is enough for both eyes. I should mention, if you do your skincare routine right before bed, do this step first and then your skincare routine in order to maximize results. It’s also paraben, sulfate and phthalate free, and has been tested by ophthalmologists and dermatologists.

How to apply lash serum | Avon | My Nighttime Routine featured by popular Florida life and style blogger The Modern Savvy

I know we’re talking nighttime routine but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the second part of the duo! In the AM, I use the Avon True Color Love At 1st Lash Mascara. Over 200 bristles help create volume and definition and I’ve been loving how it looks for daytime. I’ve also noticed how it naturally adds a great open shape to my lashes… turns out they use heart-shaped fibers (apparently cylindrical ones weigh your lashes down!) to ensure lashes stay lifted and lengthened throughout the day.

Testing out the new AVON power couple to naturally grow, lengthen and nourish lashes | Avon | My Nighttime Routine featured by popular Florida life and style blogger The Modern Savvy

The Avon Anew Clinical Unlimited Lashes Serum and Avon True Color Love at 1st Lash Mascara are available exclusively through AVON representatives. If you want to test it (we can be lash twins!), locate an Avon representative by visiting avon.com.

And, so we can do a check this fall… here are early August lashes (about 2 weeks into the serum). How light are my lashes and brows?!

Before and after with lash serum (August 2018) // one girl's nighttime routine | Avon | My Nighttime Routine featured by popular Florida life and style blogger The Modern Savvy

Here’s me with mascara (and some brow love!)

Avon | My Nighttime Routine featured by popular Florida life and style blogger The Modern Savvy


Move devices away from you (ideally out of arm’s reach or even in another room!), ensure your room is as dark as possible, and ideally slip into your bed. As part of my nighttime routine, I’ve actually been really making an attempt to make our bed daily. I’m so lazy about it but honestly, there’s nothing better than getting into a cozy bed.

Sweet dreams!

Thank you to AVON and Collectively for sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100 percent my own.
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photo credit: Erica Dunhill

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