You are Capable (Here’s Five Reasons Why!)

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You know you’re incredibly capable, right? I get the sense way too often women don’t really know their own strength and worth, or are so bogged down in the day to day and insanely long mental to-do lists that you forget how you are capable at so much more.

We each only have one life to live. It’s everything that we each live our own, honestly and wholly and with intention.  Life’s too short to live an inauthentic life for concern or worry or fear of what others think. Remember, while they’re thinking about you — they’re really just wasting their time while you can be moving ahead.

A few years ago, I knew someone was speaking ill of me and the PR company I was building. It admittedly side-tracked me for a bit, but do you know what I realized? Let her focus on me. It’s not my concern. As soon as I stopped watching her watching me, it gave me the time and space to stay in my lane and focus on the growth of my company and myself.

You are capable. So am I. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Here’s five reasons why I wholeheartedly believe this.

There’s only one you.

You have a perspective that no one else has. You have life experiences that shape your world view and make you capable of creating magic. Magic in your life, magic in others. Any magic you’d like to see in the world. Recognize that who you are today is shaped by a million mini moments that no other person in the universe brings to the table. Use this as an advantage.


Because you can learn.

Maybe in this moment you are not one hundred percent capable of that big dream or goal you want to achieve. That’s OK. It’s OK because you can learn, and you will get there.

You can take a class, you can ask friends or seek out a mentor or search the heck out of Google to find the answers. I know it’s frustrating because I’m a girl who just wants the answers, now. I want to know how to create videos, how to take better photography and to improve my blog’s SEO. But none of that’s going to happen by typing longer on a screen or holding my camera. The answers are always there. You have to invest the time in yourself. There is no magic short cut here but you are capable of doing it.


Because you have a purpose.

Even if you’re in the trenches right now, I promise you that you have a purpose. If you’re in a down season or frustrated or feel defeated, I get it. I’ve so been there. Sometimes that moment is fleeting and other times it lingers. I remind myself that I was not solely put on this earth to make kids lunches and schedule doctor appointments. I was put here for something bigger. Just like you, I have a purpose.

Maybe you don’t know what yours is. Invest the time in yourself to really seek it out. If you want more, you are capable of giving that to yourself.


Because you have failed.

If you have failed, it means something big: it means you tried. Sister, you’re 80 percent further along than most! Because if you got yourself up to try once, I sure as hell know you can do it again.

We all fail. What separates us are those who are willing to get up again, and again, and even again, to realize our vision. You need to listen to the NPR podcast called, “How I Built This.” It’s incredibly insightful to hear from some mega business rock stars about the evolution of their business and how they knew they were capable, even if it took them a while to get there. We are each that capable. Do not give up on yourself.


Because you are.

I can’t do it for you, but I know you’re capable of more than what you likely give yourself credit for.  I’ve lied to myself and said, “nope, this is the best I got… I can’t do it.” Wrong-o Alyson.

I can do better… I simply chose defeat or inaction because with inaction you can’t fail. You can’t succeed, but you can’t fail. You realize that, right? If that’s your go-to move, recognize that you are selling yourself short. You are enough, you are smart, strong and you are capable.


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Five reasons you are absolutely capable of everything // the modern savvy - You are Capable (Here's Five Reasons Why!) featured by popular Florida lifestyle blogger, The Modern Savvy

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  • Reply
    June 11, 2018 at 7:24 AM

    Such a wonderful read dear. Indeed, never ever give up on yourself. In life, you either win or learn.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

    • Reply
      June 12, 2018 at 4:49 PM

      LOVE this perspective, Jessica!!

  • Reply
    Kimberly Smith
    June 7, 2018 at 6:33 AM

    LOVE this post, especially the part about viewing our failures differently – so important!

    • Reply
      June 7, 2018 at 9:58 AM

      Absolutely — it’s very rare we succeed in the way we want the first time around. Be persistent!

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