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How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

You guys, as if all that Halloween candy temptation wasn’t enough, we’re now heading into two months of potentially eating our faces off, all while having the grateful luxury of wearing heavier clothing so people really can’t tell what’s going on under here.

When I did Weight Watchers now 15 years ago (woah!), I remember seeing less and less people as the holiday weeks passed.

While letting go is never the answer, staying on track can feel impossible.

The truth is, you have to care more about yourself than anyone else.

We cannot expect others to focus more on our goals — whether it’s fitness or professional. So if you want to avoid the holiday 10, keep reading. And, if you’re aiming to lose a few lbs., read this first.

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How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays:

Truth Time

Look, I did not wind up in Weight Watchers in the first place because I had totally healthy relationships with food and my body. I was always slightly heavier, and my portions were always out of whack. Truth, I still love a big portion of anything, lol, so now I focus more on healthy and satisfying salads and other protein-rich meals instead of downing an entire box of Wheat Thins. If you love the idea of having seconds of something (hand raised!), start with a smaller portion in the first place… it tricks your brain and you feel satisfied.

So how to stay healthy during the holidays (especially when it feels like no one else is?) 

First, avoid food FOMO. Easy for me to say because I LOVE food but decide what’s worth it instead of just shoving anything you see in your mouth. Mindless eating is likely one of the biggest causes of weight gain and overeating. Ever eat 17 (meh) bites that passed by you at a party and then fully went out and had a regular meal? #metoo. If it looks incredible and you really want to try it, do so.

Realize your triggers. For me, I’m not good at having one bite of something indulgent. It’s easier to pretend it’s not going to be great than just having one bite… basically, little self control.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. It’s good for your skin, fills your belly, the list goes on. Keep drinking that water — especially if you’re drinking a bit more bubbly and cocktails this season.

Find little moments to work the booty. Take the stairs, park a little further away, suck in those abs, squeeze the tush. Everything you do is better than what you do. Seriously, it’s a personal life motto of mine.

Stock those good snacks (and always keep one in your purse). I pretty much always have some almonds or an rX bar (I love the peanut butter and chocolate ones) in purse in case I’m starving. This way I don’t get somewhere and engulf a loaf of bread or something else that’s not even worth the calories.

Decide what’s worth it. Ok, so some things are not worth it, but some things totally are. For instance, nachos make me insanely happy. I don’t eat them often but when I do, I dig in and enjoy. At parties, so much catered food is eh. You’re eating it because it’s there. Not worth it.

Multi-task with your fitness. The best way for me is hanging with friends. Invite them to a spin class, go on a power walk together, drop your kiddos off at school and workout with your guy, you get the idea.  Even if it’s 20 minutes, get the movement in.

Forgive yourself. So you go all out. It’s OK. One or two indulgent meals are not going to change anything and if they are really happy meals, enjoy them. Don’t feel guilty for eating any of it, and just know it doesn’t mean you should give up on all your other healthy wellness habits.

Look, I’m not writing this here pretending I’m perfect. I ate my fair share of mini Halloween treats yesterday while insanely exhausted. Some people forget to eat when they’re tired or stressed — I don’t understand those people. But, I can’t go back in time — and I really loved that peanut butter snickers —  so today I’m back on track. That’s how it goes.

Athleta | Nordstrom | Target | Weight Watchers | How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays featured by top Florida lifestyle blog The Modern Savvy


JoyLab (new Target collection) tee // Athleta leggings (similar) // Brooks sneakers // Water bottle c/o Charming Charlie

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  • Reply
    November 7, 2017 at 8:08 AM

    Lovely tips dear, and I couldnt agree more, especially on “Multi-task with your fitness.” Getting fit doesnt mean you have to go to the gym everyday. Simply moving and doing errands manually and on foot can make a good workout. Btw, those leggings are really cute.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  • Reply
    November 5, 2017 at 10:20 AM

    I hate FOMO so I definitely have to step up my exercise game to combat the more I drink and eat during winter months. Loved giving this a read.

    Abigail Alice x

  • Reply
    November 4, 2017 at 9:57 AM

    Love the leggings and shoes!!

  • Reply
    November 4, 2017 at 8:12 AM

    Perfect timing for that one. Feeling inspired .

    • Reply
      November 4, 2017 at 8:27 AM

      So glad to hear this is helpful, Sidney!

  • Reply
    November 4, 2017 at 6:11 AM

    Love this post and I am the same way – I cannot have self control & just have one bite of dessert…I’m going to eat the whole thing! Also, curious about the quality of the JoyLab line – did you try any other pieces out?

    • Reply
      November 4, 2017 at 8:27 AM

      Ha, yes! Better to not eat it. As for JoyLab; I tried two other items on that I liked but just didn’t need and this tee is SO cute. I have a similar one in white from Zella and love the mesh with the fabric. Would definitely suggest, and I will for sure try other pieces.

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