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When are Kids Sleepover Ready?

when are kids sleepover ready?

Sarah’s been begging asking for a sleepover since she was four years old. No joke.

Friend sleepovers have been a hot topic as of late. Can’t blame the allure of staying up late, sleeping at a friend’s house and munching on popcorn while watching movies.

Heck, my friend had a girls sleepover for her 35th birthday and it was so freaking fun (highly suggest!).

At the same time, we don’t need our kids growing up any quicker than they should.

So what age is appropriate?

Honestly, there’s no right answer.

It’s all about your kid and your comfort level. Sarah had her first sleepover at five, though her bff came to our place; in honesty, I wasn’t comfortable with her sleeping out.

Now, two years later,  largely feel the same. There are a total of two, maybe three friends, where I’m OK with the occasional sleepover. They all live within five minutes of me, too.

Why you ask?

It’s not so much about the friend. It’s about the parents.

When it comes to sleepovers, you have to know where your child is going and who’s in that house.

I know that sounds obvious, but it’s easy to make assumptions that we’re all safe.

I don’t. You can’t.

So, Sarah might whine and complain that this person slept at this person’s house and you know what? Oh well. #momlife #momminainteasy

Late nights in can be equally as fun… have everyone bring over their pjs, order pizza, make popcorn and even watch a movie in sleeping bags!

Is it too soon to kick out my husband so I can invite my girlfriends over for this? 🙂

when are kids sleepover ready?

when are kids sleepover ready?

Sarah and her bff, Allie, are seriously the cutest… love them in their holiday pjs!

when are kids sleepover ready?

when are kids sleepover ready?

Images by South Moon Photography


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    December 23, 2016 at 1:09 AM

    This is so cute! My 11 year old sister has been going to sleepovers since she’s 5 but an adult sleepover honestly sounds so fun haha!


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    December 22, 2016 at 9:46 AM

    I literally found out yesterday that my 8 year old sons were invited to a sleepover with their ENTIRE CLASS! They are so excited but I am hyperventilating. They have been asking to sleep over people’s houses pretty much since they could talk. I just don’t know. I feel comfortable with the parents, and the kid hosting, but I don’t know many of the other kids – they just started in this school in the fall. As I lay awake last night thinking it over, I remembered that they have 4 dogs at the house, and 1 son is severely allergic to dogs. So, they won’t be sleeping there – they will be crushed. I suppose I will host some kids here as an alternative.

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    December 22, 2016 at 8:18 AM

    My daughter hosted her first one at 7, but it was for her birthday party. We had another one for her 8th. About half the girls each year came for the party, put on their jammies, played, danced, partied, and then were picked up between 9-10pm. The girls who did stay overnight had been to our house many times, so the parents were already comfortable with them being here. One of moms (who lives two houses down) came over for a playdate with her daughter a week or so ahead of time, so she could get a feel for our house. I thought that was a great idea. For some reason, our house is the one where the neighborhood girls congregate (probably because we’re a single mom/only child house so lots of toys and girly stuff!).

    Having said that, she’s only spent the night at one other house, but mainly because that’s the only one who’s asked. I don’t think kids have sleepovers like they did when I was growing up (I’m in my mid-40s) – I was constantly spending the night at different people’s houses.

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