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What We Really Want this Holiday Season

What women really want this holiday sesaon

I get it. The sequins and the sparkles and everything glam are what everyone talks about during the holidays. But I have to be honest, I don’t need any of it.

What I really want this holiday season?

Peace. And. Quiet.

Yup, please leave the house.

I love you… but please leave.

We made it to December — though I have no earthly clue how we even got here — and now I’m ready for a break.

Kids get a winter break, so why don’t moms and real adults get a break, too?

We all know that days off that are home with the kids — while lovely — are downright exhausting.

I am ready for a day to do nothing. To lay in bed with the coziest blanket alive and not feel guilty. I always feel guilty.

To watch a marathon of Joanna and Chip restore houses, to read a book or mag, or heck, take a nap. Ah, a nap.

I usually feel too guilty to take a nap. There’s always something else to do.

Actually, if I’m going for it, I’d like a weekend of this. One day always passes too quickly and the idea of being in my pjs for an entire weekend sounds blissful.

You can also send me away somewhere by myself.

…. Seriously, I’m already packing. 😉

I’ve never traveled by myself and the idea sounds liberating, freeing, exhilarating, and relaxing.

I’ll pack some leftover Halloween candy that it feels like we’re hording, some workout clothes and be on my merry way.

Is it bad that I don’t feel guilty at the idea of bailing reality for a weekend? I don’t.

My family is my everything but yeah, I could be down for a weekend of solitude. A weekend to be selfish

Oh, I’d love to retun to a clean-ish house.

Yeah, I just did it.

That last request put it over the edge huh?

Holidays are all about miracles… here’s to mine!


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    December 2, 2016 at 8:47 AM

    hahaha I fell in love with that photo on Julia and I hear you on needing a little quiet and vacation! I hope you get that in the near future!


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