20 Chic Diaper Bags for Every Mom

best diaper bags

In recent years, pregnancy and mom style has taken a turn toward the cool, “non-mom”, mom style. We all need the functionality, from diaper bags to kiddie swings, but the crazy bright, swirly patterns that go with no one’s home decor or outfits are no longer the only options.

I remember ordering my first diaper bag nearly seven years ago, super fixated on needing a “diaper bag,” whatever that meant. I soon realized that I didn’t want or need a print that appealed to my baby, I wanted something that felt like “me” when I was toting around baby girl and her stuff. I’ve been asked by at least 4-5 friends about my favorite diaper bags (without the “mom vibe”) so I figured more of you might be looking, or might have friends and sisters who are. One cool trend: keep your tote or purse, and go for a diaper bag insert. A diaper bag basically means its has a million pockets and compartments. As long as you have that, you’re golden. Also be mindful of the fabric: it needs to be durable, wipeable and not too heavy. I love cross-body options (hands free!) but that’s a personal preference.

Check out the options below, some of which are diaper bags and others that this mom knows would work well for the mom-on-the-go, as-is, or with a bag insert. This way you know you’ll also be able to use it as your baby gets older, and that you’ll use it even if you don’t have baby on board. Now with a 6-year old and two year old, I carry around regular totes — currently this one — along with a travel diaper and wipes case like this. Speaking of which, if you live near a Costco, they officially have the best wipes. Hands down. I also leave a pack in my kitchen for quick cleanups.



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