TAGG Talk: Meet Marketing Maven, Tina van der Ven

Welcome back to another profile for TAGG Talk, and thank you all for your positive feedback on the first one (you can read it here). TAGG Talk’s will highlight real women around the country who are paving the way in their lives, whether that means career, personal, motherhood or some combination of all. There’s so much we can learn from each other, whether that’s career advice, the best footwear or a power snack to get you through the day! Let’s get through this together.

Meet Tina van der Ven; she’s my husband’s oldest friend (they’ve known each other since they were 4!) and she’s one of those rare women who is epitome of cool. She’s smart, funny, makes you feel smart and funny, and is one of the most kind-hearted women I’ve ever met. Of Persian decent (her wedding was off-the-charts!), she also has a killer sense of style (her shoe collection!), the most beautiful family, and a high-powered career at one of the country’s leading law firms. I was excited to interview her and hope you love reading about her as much as I adore her!


Name:   Tina van der Ven

Position + company:  Regional Marketing Director, Greenberg Traurig, P.A.

… And this means? I work with an incredible team, and collaboratively we handle everything and anything related to marketing, business development and public relations for Greenberg Traurig’s seven Florida offices. We help to build brand recognition for the firm, its practice and industry areas and hundreds of individual attorneys in the region.

Professionally, I’ve learned that: My mom had the best professional advice all along.  As a child she would tell me, “Whatever you end up pursuing as a career, try to be the absolute best at it and have a passion for it.” I love what I do, and I did not settle on my career until I found the right “fit.”  I work with so many positive people, and some of the best and brightest.  They constantly challenge me and make me laugh daily.  I am very lucky!

My go-to beauty products that make me feel like a rock star: I am an avid and loyal fan of Bobbi Brown’s long-wear gel eyeliners (try the Caviar Ink or Cobalt Ink).  They are easy to apply, don’t smudge, and last throughout the day.  Since I am now in the teething stage with my daughter, I can hide those sleepless nights with my Tom Ford illuminating highlight pen. That pen works miracles for me.

The pair of shoes that make me confident I can conquer the day: Any pair of high heels!  I love all of them, but my “go-to” is a sleek pair of black Stuart Weitzman pumps.They are comfortable, easy to travel with and go well with almost any outfit.

Shoe envy

Favorite ways to power down and recharge, even just for five minutes: Finding free time these days is challenging, especially with work responsibilities, running after my three-year-old son, six-month-old daughter, husband, dog, house, social and non-profit commitments.  When the rare evening comes around where I can put my feet on the couch and relax (with a glass of wine), I love to catch up on my favorite shows including Billions and my guilty mindless pleasure — anything on Bravo (Real Housewives anyone?).

Go-to gadgets, apps and old-school techniques that help me get it all done: My organizational techniques are definitely a combination of high-tech and “old-school” – I cannot live without my iPhone, and specifically need access to my Outlook email and calendar, online banking, and apps for my son’s school, SoulCycle and Amazon. The traditional route is done by writing my weekly tasks on a letter-sized notepad. This is something that I picked up from my dad at an early age, and it works!

In my fridge you’ll find:  You will definitely find baby food for my daughter, plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, tubs of hummus for my son, Bubbies Homemade Mochi Ice Cream (I am addicted to them), and an assortment of cheeses (the “drunken goat” cheese from Whole Foods is out of this world – and people always laugh when I tell them the name).

Inside my fridge

My go-to, can’t fail recipe (i.e. your fav dinner for one or a major dinner party): Without fail, I highly recommend Giada De Laurentiis’ Classic Italian Lasagna recipe. The whole pan will be wiped out before you know it.  It is always a huge hit!

Ok, spill… any random tip, DIY, time or money saver that you love telling your friends?  Two words: AMAZON PRIME. I recommend it to everyone I know. It is the greatest time saver, money saver and more importantly, a life saver!

Every woman should be: proud and confident!  Far too often, I find that women are too hard on themselves, or tearing each other down. The inner strength of women and tireless dedication amazes me.  Life is challenging enough – let’s lift each other up and remember that “one woman can make a difference, but together we can rock the world.”
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