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I swear I could write a site of random posts each day sharing random bits of information. I guess that’s what this site is in a slightly more Type A organized format but this post is one of my favorite, and I’m thrilled you guys are loving it, too. Welcome back to “Alyson’s Obsessions,” my monthly list of totally random things I’m loving lately, in no particular order.


Fresh Lip Balm // The Average Girl's Guide

Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Balm, with SPF 15: After being on the fence for far too long about spending $24 on what seemed like a regular lip balm (though it has amazing reviews on every web site), I finally took the plunge with the pinky hue, Tulip, last week. This is so good. It gives a gorgeous pigment, moisturizes and actually hydrates this formerly chapstick (or similar brand)-fangirl. There’s no waxy feel, and I don’t need to apply often. The hydrating feeling stays and I love that it adds a gorgeous color; there are more neutral options (honey is beautiful with a  touch of color), and I’m now considering splurging on the one without color. In one week, my lips are clearly less chapped/dry skin).

A Mother for Choco // Alyson's OBsessions

A Mother for Choco: By far, this is one of my top 5 books we read to our children. While I purchased this book a few years ago to read to our daughter in preparation of bringing home our son who we adopted, the story is so universal and fun to read. Our little boy now insists on us reading about the “bird” each night. It’s basically the sweetest tale about what makes a family… and hint: it’s not that you look like. Highly recommend. There are so many good books out there however another current favorite is Room for One More.

trader joe's caulidlower rice

Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Rice: If you haven’t tasted this carb alternative, get ready: it’s so good and good for you. While I’ll easily make a cauliflower mash, the multi step idea of making a cauliflower rice seems labor intensive. If you can get your hands on this stuff, buy it. Trader Joe’s employees will attest that this stuff flies out of the frozen section each time it arrives. Sub it anytime you’d consider using rice; beef and broccoli, a chicken stir fry, beans and rice, etc. Pinterest has a ton of recipe ideas, too.   I can’t wait to make this easy breakfast for dinner recipe!

Shashi beaded bracelet // The Average Girl's Guide

Shashi seed bracelets: I purchased two of these darling little bracelets during last week’s sale and they’re so dainty and delicate. They’re seriously tiny so you can wear them daily without overpowering any look, yet the tiny little beads and tassels — especially if you layer a few — give the pretty effect. I ordered two and might need a third (apparently things — food, pillows, and bracelets — all look better when in odd numbers).

Emily Henderson's Styled // Alyson's OBsessions

Emily Henderson’s “Styled”: while recently updating my living room space (I just shared this photo on Instagram; username: avggirlsguide), I added a set of fun coffee table books to create a more layered, lived in look. It was so fun to have the excuse to select “decor” that also doubled as fun books I could benefit from him. I’m a fan of Emily Henderson’s site and I just love how gorgeous the cover is — the inside is bound to be goooood. I also ordered this, this, this and this (well, and pre-ordered this) and can’t wait to dig into them! Do you have any favorite coffee table books?


Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: One of my favorite, lighthearted comedies returns to Nextflix on Friday when they release the second season. I shared a little review here of this Tiny Fey produced comedy that, while the premise is a little silly, chronicles the adventures of super innocent Kimmy in New York City. There are so many good one liners you can easily watch the episodes more than once (think Friends!) and catch little nuggets you missed the first time around.

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 9.43.54 PM

Forever 21 finds: OMG, so a few weeks ago I went to Forever 21 on the hunt for brights for an 80’s party. Well, hello, yes, there are certainly shorts too short for, well, everyone (what is happening?!) and way too must barely there clothing, there was also so much I couldn’t resist — and that was also insanely inexpensive. You might have seen my Madewell look-a-like plaid dress I scored for $22 (size small was perfect). Yeah, it’s a little out of season but I feel confident Fall me is going to be SO happy. I love this spring version in denim. I also purchased two of these slub knit tees in a size medium. I cut the collar off one for the 80’s night but I loved the slouchy, cozy fit — and $5 price tag! — that I bought a second purple one. Another recent buys include this this blogger must have, and an embroidered dress/bathing suit cover-up. This denim tunic (totally J. Crew inspired) also would be awesome poolside, and I did you know they have kids? My daughter loves two tops I got her (just size up).

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    April 11, 2016 at 8:07 PM

    I am seriously loving these round ups! Forever 21 has been hitting it out of the park lately. Although the store terrifies me, online only for this chick:)

    Heidi || Wishes & Reality

  • Reply
    April 11, 2016 at 8:06 PM

    I just had the cauliflower rice as part of my dinner tonight. 🙂 I finally got my hands on it haha!


  • Reply
    Nicole Mavrides
    April 11, 2016 at 11:34 AM

    OMG you mentioned my mom’s book in your blog – Room for 1 more! 🙂 it’s such a great story. that’s awesome.
    thanks so much for all of the recs!

  • Reply
    April 11, 2016 at 6:23 AM

    I think I need to hunt down the cauliflower rice asap!

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