Fun App Alert: Face Swap

Bacon, spinach & feta mini fritata

Holy fun alert! I’m admittedly not a huge app/game person (people think because I write a blog I’m all into tech anything — I’m absurdly not!) but I have had more laughs over this $.99 app than I have in ages.

Find Face Swap Live and download it. You can swap faces with someone either for a photo or video, or you can swap your face for anyone from President Obama to the Mona Lisa. Look at me playing around with my mini me…

Face Swap app

Another fun option are these filters where you can accentuate certain features, smooshing your face, creating giant lips or eyes, various masks, etc. Who needs a girls’ night out when you can do this during a night in?

Face Swap App images

Face Swap App images

Face Swap App images

… scariest Joker smile EVER, right?!

Happy Friday! Hope you have fun with this, and comment below or message me with any other fun apps you love, too.

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