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delicate jewlery The jewelry trend from bigger and bolder to more dainty and delicate has been in motion for a long time. As we head into warmer weather you’ll start to see it even more, as it’s honestly just easier to layer on a few delicate jewels than feel weighed down by a big statement necklace or boyfriend style watch. While I still love all my bigger pieces — and trust me, I’m wearing them constantly (there’s always room to make a statement with some bling!) — I find myself gravitating toward stacks of the lightest necklaces and tiniest rings. I’m even not going toward my bigger bangles anymore (which get ripped off the second I get to work to start typing anyway).

As you start to add any jewelry to your wardrobe this spring, consider looking for something lighter weight. What I’m personally loving is that so much of the more delicate jewelry has sweet, personal meanings, too; for example, an initial necklace for you or your children; a wishbone or horseshoe to remind yourself of a big dream, and I’ve even been wearing a crescent moon, which reminds me of my kids (I love you to the moon and back!).


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