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How to Make a Meaningful Impact in Your Community

how you can make a positive impact on your community

communityIt’s really easy for all of us to be BUSY.

It can be easy to spend your time getting to the essentials of life: work, home, family, friends and a million errands. I mean, I need food (and wine!) in the fridge.

Yet, right around each of us in the comforts of our home are so many that could benefit from our outstretched arm. I, for example, live near one of the affluent communities in the world with Palm Beach a short drive away. Yet, I also know that on my drive to Palm Beach are some of the poorest, crime ridden neighborhoods with each parent working multiple jobs, kids without clean underwear, and a safe place to put their head each night.

I’ve learned over the years there are so many meaningful ways to give without spending a lot, or giving more time than you have.

Ask yourself: what matters to you? Do you want to help kids without a home? Seniors without family nearby? Unemployed women and mothers trying to beef up their resume? Dogs and other animals seeking a forever home? Causes based on your religious or ethnic background?

The best way to get involved, and so you stay involved, is to be honest with yourself and find a cause that tugs at your heart. I spend considerable time donating to my community, and there is a way you can, too.

1. Identify what matters to you. It all starts here.

2. Do a five minute google search about local organizations, check Facebook (some small organizations don’t have a web site) and ask friends.

3. Call or email that organization to ask how you can help with your time. Maybe you could read a book weekly to children or elderly, serve as a mentor to a child in a foster home, or volunteer at an animal shelter. Perhaps you can donate dresses to a women’s charity. find out about a committee so you can help bring awareness to a cause or event, deliver meals to home-bound seniors, or donate that extra long mane and get yourself a chic new ‘do.

4. Donate with your finances. Organizations are so grateful for donations of any size. Even $10 puts them $10 closer to its mission than it did before you arrived. Perhaps you sell your unwanted clothes on Poshmark and then direct your funds to a charity or your choice. You can also take a percentage or dollar amount from every paycheck (even $5). If you’re a business owner, consider sponsoring an event so you can amplify your gift by also building awareness for your brand.

5. Put your skills to work. What are you good at? What did you go to school yet? Are you a budding artist? You can help paint a bright mural in a children’s home or have fun painting with seniors. Lawyers can offer pro bono services, and those in media and PR can donate their time to help elevate awareness for a fledgling nonprofit. Passionate about fitness? Offer to buddy up wounded veterans or for local children with disabilities. The ways to use your fabulousness is endless. Promise.

6. Create a girls night, volunteer style! If you’re nervous about getting going on your own, plan a one-time day or night at a local homeless shelter or children’s home, offer to volunteer at a fun local race or art show, or do a mega clothing, toy or sporting goods drive. Any organization would be thrilled to have your support!

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