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Easy Home Equations For Holiday Success

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Continuing our fun holiday home theme this season, I’m excited to share a few easy equations to create a festive, cozy space in your home. For example, a personal favorite equation would be:

Cookies + milk + cozy throw + family = perfect night in

It doesn’t take much to woo the kiddos into the family room; cookies and milk usually does it. Top it off with the coziest throw, fun pajamas, and good movies on Netflix. As hectic as our schedules can get, nights like this are sublime. I love being in my pjs, giggling with my little ones (while hopefully not getting chocolate finger prints on everything!), and soaking in the important moments. There’s no iPad present, not a huge group of people… just our little family enjoying the moments that matter.

Cookies and Milk

Are these mugs the best, or what?? “Chug it like you mean it.” Preach (particularly apropos for my morning coffee!).

Cookies and Milk Cookies and Milk

For a twist on a casual night home with the family, invite friends over for a casual yet glam night. Try this equation: 

Gold accents + candles + bubbly + fun munchies = Fab night in!

I know it can be fun to go out, but during the holidays, everything is so crazy, loud and expensive. I walk away feeling like we spent so much money and hardly connected with anyone around a large dinner table. A low-key party at my house is way more fun, and I always feel like I had real conversations. These are the memories that really last!

Glam holiday dining room tableA few of the gold accents you see here, like the oversized vase with metallic orbs, are from last year’s holiday collection at Target. I picked them up to create a luxe vibe on my dining room table and have kept them there since; this season, I’m adding in the glasses (use for red or white wine, bubbly or mixed drinks!), plates and bowls, functional yet pretty trays, a table runner and napkin rings. I know stylist Nate Berkus is a big proponent of creating spaces that look collected over time, and that’s just what I’m doing by building to my collection. By purchasing primarily white and gold pieces, it’s easy to mix them up for a seamless look.

Glam holiday dining room table Glam holiday dining room table

Want a few more stylish equations to transform your home for the holidays? This video is a good one:


Photography: South Moon Photography

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