Best Style Bloggers Over 40

Best Style Bloggers Over 40

Best Style Bloggers Over 40

When it comes to style, there’s no age when most women say, ah, forget this. We always want to look our best. Based on the popularity of TAGG’s recent Style Bloggers Over 30 post, it’s clear there are a lot of women like me, and those one, two and three decades older who are flocking to the internet, yet seemingly feel disconnected to the gorgeous, albeit younger style bloggers. That over 30 post was such a hit, and was a learning experience on my end to see how many readers TAGG has in its 40s and 50s (hi!), logically asking for a post with over 40 blog recommendations.

There are so, so many gorgeous women in the over 40 category who are sharing their personal style, inspiration and much more. Check out our list below of 16 stylish women over 40 who are regularly dishing out great style inspiration, outfits and lots more related content.

Mama in Heels
Wardrobe Oxygen
Not Dressed as Lamb
Already Pretty
Amid Privilege
Mrs. American Made
The Rich Life on a Budget
Grit & Glamour
Lady of Style
40 Plus Style
JoLynne Shane
What Lizzy Loves
J’Adore Couture
Unne Femme d’un Certain Age
Girl of a Certain Age
Mz Savvy Style
The Online Stylist

Know others? Please, please leave their name in the comments section below. And if you’re on the hunt for more, seek out blog rolls (i.e. a list of a bloggers favorite reads) of your most beloved bloggers… such good intel into like-minded and like-styled ladies.

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    Jennifer Charney
    July 22, 2019 at 1:36 AM

    If you’re 47, but your figure is more like a 14 year old (5’4 105lb exercise enthusiast: cyclist, runner, flat stomach, used to do triathlons, very skinny, size 0 to 00, 24 to 25 in jeans, I would still look funny dressing a little bit younger than other women my age, altho I’m not totally sure what I mean by that. I just can’t believe I have worked hard to look like this and still have to cover myself up now? I’m not looking to wear booty shorts or a micro mini, but I have always liked shorter skirts. So any denim skirt with a raw hem and distressing that a younger woman might wear to a concert/festival is out? What about all those shirts with smocking? I don’t mean ones from forever 21, I mean like designers ones from like Bloomies or Nordstrom that cost like $200 plus, maybe with billowy sleeves or a peplum and leopard print and not worn with the elastic smocking too tight, not a tube top or crop top, but a full designer top that does incorporate smocking or sometimes now I see smocking on the back of sundresses. To me it tends to read juniors, but I see it on so many things it is hard to avoid. It is hard to find very adult clothes that fit a 105 lb adult in the United States. I don’t live in Southeast Asia where women are smaller.

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