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9 shoe hacks to make your shoes comfier, last longer

I’m having a bit of a foot and shoe crisis. I swear my feet are shrinking, I can’t tolerate high heels the way I used to, and I’m pretty tough of my shoes. It’s a pretty brutal combo. I’ve recently started using insoles/cushions and they make a world of difference, so thought I’d round up a few more helpful ways us real gals can survive a day-to-day crazy foot crisis, and also help us make it through holiday season! Don’t miss these shoe hacks to make your shoe days better.

best tips to fix your shoes

1. Minimize blisters with clear deodorant, or body chafe balm… just rub it on the possible problem areas before you go out. {photo}

best tips to fix your shoes

2. Protect heels in grass, cobblestone streets or anything unstable. {here}

best tips to fix your shoes

3. Fix a destroyed heel tip. you can bring it to a local cobbler, or DIY. {here}

how to prevent heel slippage

4. Don’t let your heel slide out the back of your shoes! I’ve had a clumsy situation or two because of this. These make a huge difference. {Get this combo pack if you also need ball-of-foot support}.

put tea bags in shoes to remove odor

5. Rid yourself of some major odor by stuffing your shoes with tea bags overnight. {image}

how to make shoes more comfortable

6. Make high heels way more manageable with these ball of foot cushions; life changing. These make everything from pricey shoes to budget buys way comfier for long days or lots of standing. {image}

stretch out your shoes & more shoe hacks

7. Stretch your shoes with this easy equation: put on socks, slip on your new shoes, and put a dryer to them. The heat helps them stretch. {image}

stretch your shoes & more shoe hacks

8. Failed operation on #7? Go for the cold! Put bags of water — sealed well! — in your shoes, and then put them in the freezer. As the water becomes ice and expands, so does your shoes.

how to get rid of shoe scuffs, and other great shoe hacks

9. Scuffed shoes are the worst. For patent leather, apparently it’s as easy as nail polish remover and a cotton ball. And, for canvas: try using an eraser.  {image}

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