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beauty buzz review: Bio Ionic Style Winder

After feeling for nearly two years that I’d love to do more with my hair than blow it out straight (and even with that, I’d sometimes get puff; thanks humidity), I became committed to learning how to do those cute beachy waves and loose curls I covet. I even set a New Year’s goal to make this happen. So when I asked a local friend — who always has crush-worthy hair — how she did it, she replied with the Bio Ionic Style Winder. I instantly purchased. A few of you along with some friends have asked me about my ‘do lately so I had to share this find. It’s a good one.

stylewinder review - Bio Ionic Style Winder featured by Florida beauty blogger, The Modern Savvy




Instead of curling irons — which for me typically result in neck and finger burns, bad curls and a whole host of other issues — the barrel on the bio Ionic Style Winder spins when you move turn a small knob at the base. Essentially, you wrap your hair around the barrel, clamp it in place, move the knob (there’s also a cool tip at the top for control, and comes with a glove I used at first), and tada. Heats up to 440 degrees, is dual heated on both ends of the barrel for even styling, has a swivel cord for easy maneuvering around your head, and is mineral infused so it won’t dry out your hair.


Give the Bio Ionic Style Winder a few tries and you’ll be set. It’s way easier than a traditional curling iron. Once I more closely scoped out the how-to photos on the box, and stumbled across a :15 Instagram vid, it was cake. Yeah, I’m the girl who doesn’t read the manuals or instructions and hopes to figure it out. Save yourself the time. This is a pretty good and thorough instructional video. One tip: always be sure the clamp is facing you so the hair curls away from your head. The photos show it this way, and it really helps.


the results get you curls, and you can brush it out for a wavier look. I typically leave it with a slightly tighter curl (not tight, just not brushed out) since it falls throughout the day. This ensures that my hair still has great waves for happy hour. I find day second-day hair, with some natural oils, help hold the curl, and I’ve gone as much as five days, no joke!, by using this daily… just run your hair through it quickly on subsequent days. Takes less than 10 minutes.


Avoid loading your hair up with product otherwise it tends to get greasier faster. I use this oil or this awesome stuff (even for my straight hair; it eliminates frizz!), dry and style, and then lightly spray with my favorite budget shine spray. Obsessed with this stuff + it smells so good.


At under $60, it’s a worthy beauty buy. I’ve spent $25-$35 on wands and curling irons that don’t work as well, kill my wrist and I wind up burning myself. All big fails. I’ve used this more in a month than I have the others. Ever. I’m such a klutz, can be totally impatient and hair stuff is so not my thing, yet this has helped me check one item off my 2014 list faster than anticipated.


Get it here and let me know what you think!

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