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Vent Sesh: Addicted to Online Shopping


It started innocently enough.

I used to love going into stores browsing to find exactly what I need.

But the more kids you have, the more stuff it feels like you need. And, the less time you have to find it.

A few years ago, I was the (clearly naive) girl who didn’t get online shopping. It’s also how I like reading a printed newspaper compared to reading it online. I know, I’m like a dinosaur (crazy old, and extinct!)

But, ah, convenience. (and packages at my doorstep).

I mean, online shopping is one of the world’s best gifts to — well, the world! — and particularly the time impaired.

Amazon Prime made it so easy, first to order obvious stuff like holiday gifts and printer ink. And, stores, who baited me to sign up for their email lists, started getting me with exclusive discounts and previews of new arrivals before I could get to the mall.

People assume that with blogging that I’m constantly buying. And yes, they’re technically accurate but it’s not quite as glamorous as that seems. I’m not necessarily buying for me… I’m buying to keep this house over here a movin’.

I order our coffee pods, and shampoos, new camp supplies like pool towels, bathing suits, goggles and swim diapers, books for the kids, Adam’s electric razor, phone case, a vacuum, my face wash, the list goes on. If it saves me a trip, consider it done.

Let’s be honest… it’s a fun little rush when you add items to your shopping cart, purchase and then… woohoo, like magic, there’s a package on my doorstep as quickly as the next day. And, who doesn’t love opening a package? I’ll settle for opening the new razor… you guys can relate, right??

Somehow along the way this spring though, I realized all this “time efficiency” was getting excessive. I candidly don’t think I’m purchasing unnecessarily but I’m doing so more out of habit, with less intention, and with less awareness of our overall budget than I used to. And, um, I’ve memorized our AMEX number.

Trust me, I’m still clicking purchase ladies, because heck, online ordering is a total game changing time saver. But, I’m also trying to curb the habit, even buy more of what I need at once so I’m not constantly going down the rabbit hole of shopping online so often.

I’m also a pretty meticulous returner (decide ASAP if you like what you bought; if not, put it in your car right away so it’s easy to return to store or ship back so you’re not losing money when you find an item months later hiding in the back of your closet).

It’s crazy to think how our habits have changed from just a generation earlier, just like cell phone usage. Am I the only one who ponders these random life moments and changes?


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